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Automatically Retrieve Metadata / Download Metadata Only

Reported by: ZackZeals Owned by:
Priority: Low Milestone: None Set
Component: Transmission Version: 2.84
Severity: Minor Keywords: download only metadata


Transmission 2.84 | Linux Mint 17.1 x64 Cinnamon

Would it be possible to add the ability for Transmission to download the torrent metadata only when torrents have been added. Or to have the option of only downloading the metadata to a torrent without the need to start the actual download of the torrent.

This giving the ability for file listings of torrents to be retrieved immediately upon adding torrents. This would give users the ability to look to see what is included in a torrent without the need of having to start or attempt downloading of the torrent itself.

Also if when 'only' downloading torrent metadata, would it be possible for those torrents to ignore global max downloads aloud. This would allow for any and all torrents who's metadata needs to be retrieved, to be retrieved immediately and not have to sit and wait in queue for an available slot for that torrent to become active, only to download the metadata needed for that torrent.

This would also help correct the need for having to retrieve magnet links a second time if a torrent sits in queue of Transmission for a long time before the torrent is ever started and the need for metadata is retrieved only than. (i.e. - When people decide to queue and dl several hundreds of torrents in a single day, if those torrents sit without the metadata being retrieved under a certain amount of time, I've noticed that the torrents have to be re-added again before metadata will download, but if the metadata is automatically retrieved when torrents are added, this would not be a problem).

Even if this option could not be made to happen automatically upon adding a new torrent from a magnet link. Would it be possible to add this option into the menu and context menu of torrents to 'Retrieve Metadata', allowing Transmission to then only retrieve the metadata for those torrents and still ignoring max global aloud downloads to avoid having to have a torrent sit and wait in queue for an available slot just to download only the torrent metadata needed.

If this feature were to be added as a menu option only and not setup to do so automatically, it would only make sense that the torrent would automatically return to it's previous state after retrieving the metadata. In this case the torrent if anything after retrieving metadata should return to a 'Paused' state. Otherwise the torrent would have been 'Started', in which event, the retrieval of the torrent metadata, if need be, would occur in any case.

If there are any suggestions on how to do this from anyone, please don't hesitate to comment.

This feature would be really nice and extremely useful, but is trivial and has been set as a Low Priority and Minor Severity.

Further improvements upon this feature may also include a category to show only torrents currently retrieving metadata, but have not been started for downloading the actual torrent itself.

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ignore global max downloads aloud

aloud |əˈloud| adverb 1 audibly; not silently or in a whisper : he read the letter aloud.

allow |əˈlou| verb [ trans. ] 1 admit (an event or activity) as legal or acceptable : a plan to allow Sunday shopping | a reservoir with no hunting or overnight camping allowed.

  • [ trans. ] give (someone) permission to do something : the dissident was allowed to leave the country.
  • [ trans., with two objs. ] permit (someone) to have (something) : he was allowed his first sip of Scotch and soda.'

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by ZackZeals

My bad, "ignore global max downloads aloud" should be "ignore global max downloads allowed". Thanks for the correction x190.

I also have seen a similar request submitted for this same feature; .

The option of having an additional option added into the "torrent options" dialog that is shown when a magnet link is added that says something like "Fetch metadata then show torrent options" or "Fetch metadata then ask" below "Start when added" would be great.

The action or outcome of having this option selected when adding a magnet link having Transmission then add the torrent as --start-paused, to only fetch the magnet metadata and than pause the torrent when completed. Optionally a setting could be made for Transmission to than prompt the user with the "Torrent Settings" to that torrent to then make any needed changes, (i.e. - selecting of files to download out of that torrent), would be excellent.

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