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tr_variantDictAddInt (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled --should be-- tr_variantDictAddBool (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled,

Reported by: cfpp2p Owned by: mike.dld
Priority: Normal Milestone: 2.90
Component: libtransmission Version: 2.84
Severity: Normal Keywords:


line 420 session.c

tr_variantDictAddInt (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled, s->isPrefetchEnabled);

should be

tr_variantDictAddBool (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled, s->isPrefetchEnabled);


as it stands currently in session.c revision 14491

line 348

tr_variantDictAddBool (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled, DEFAULT_PREFETCH_ENABLED);

line 420

tr_variantDictAddInt (d, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled, s->isPrefetchEnabled);

line 837

if (tr_variantDictFindBool (settings, TR_KEY_prefetch_enabled, &boolVal))





struct tr_session


line 107

bool isPrefetchEnabled;



settings.json will have "prefetch-enabled": 1, because of line line 420 tr_variantDictAddInt

whereas it will be "prefetch-enabled": true, with line 420 as tr_variantDictAddBool

prefetch-enabled: Boolean (default = true). When enabled, Transmission will hint to the OS which piece data it's about to read from disk in order to satisfy requests from peers. On Linux, this is done by passing POSIX_FADV_WILLNEED to ​posix_fadvise(). On OS X, this is done by passing F_RDADVISE to ​fcntl(). This defaults to false if configured with --enable-lightweight.

this all began with r11800

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Thanks, committed as r14524.

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