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Mass adding of trackers

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84
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This is not a very common feature, but I believe it could be added in a very non-intrusive way and thus might be worth looking into.

At present it's possible to edit trackers for multiple torrents at once in the GUI, and it's possible to remove multiple trackers at once. However the + button is inactivated when selecting multiple torrents.

If the button is activated it can ask the user if it's sure it wants to add a certain tracker URL for X number of torrents, and then add it. The button is already in the interface so it doesn't take up any space.

It's not something used very often, but when you actually do need to use it it's not uncommon to need to do it to many torrent files at once. As far as I know there's no efficient way of doing this in the current version of Transmission.

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