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"Reveal in Finder" not compatible with PathFinder

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Component: Mac Client Version: 0.5
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Could the "Reveal in Finder" function be made compatible with PathFinder?? Some users don't use Finder.

Even if my PathFinder? has its identifier set to FNDRMACS (Finder) in PkgInfo?, it does not help.

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by transmission.bugs@…

{{{ - (void) revealFromMenu: (id) sender {

int row = [fTableView selectedRow]; if (row >= 0) {

[self finderReveal: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@/%@",

[NSString stringWithUTF8String: fStat[row].folder], [NSString stringWithUTF8String: fStat[row]]]];



  • (void) finderReveal: (NSString *) path


NSString * string; NSAppleScript * appleScript; NSDictionary * error;

string = [NSString stringWithFormat:

@"tell application \"Finder\"\n"

" activate\n" " reveal (POSIX file \"%@\")\n" "end tell", path];

appleScript = [[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource: string]; if( ![appleScript executeAndReturnError: &error] ) {

printf( "finderReveal failed\n" );

} [appleScript release];

} }}}

This appears to be the current implementation of Transmission's "Reveal in Finder". It specifically accesses the Finder ("tell application Finder") through AppleScript?. I've done a little browsing and came up with this explanation of using NSWorkspace to implement such a feature. Presumably, that would be less dependant on the Finder.

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by transmission.bugs@…

- (void) finderReveal: (NSString *) path {
	[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL: [NSURL fileURLWithPath: path]]

should probably do the job.

comment:3 Changed 17 years ago by titer

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Fixed in [151]

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by charles

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