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Add a Keywords= key in the .desktop files, with "torrent" and other keywords.

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84
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When searching "torrent" in GNOME shell, Transmission is not returned as a result. "bittorrent" works, but "torrent" became a widely used diminutive and should return a bittorrent client as well, such as Transmission.

I don't know in other desktops, but GNOME search algorithm uses the start of words to search. Yet in your desktop file gtk/ (and the qt one), the description (Comment= key) is "Download and share files over BitTorrent?".

I propose to add a "Keywords" key, which is not meant to be displayed to humans, but only to add possible search keywords, relevant to the application. So you could have for instance:


And such. Thanks!

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