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Add filter to select torrents that are not from specified trackers.

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84
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Let's assume that i am member of few small private trackers and i download torrents from them. I also download torrents from big trackers around piratebay, etc...

My upload speed is quite OK, so i don't limit seeding in any way. But from time to time i stop/delete seeds manualy. However i'd like to delete torrents that are not tracked by these small private trackers (as there are much less peers and therefore much less seeders on these trackers). I just want to delete torrents from public trackers which generaly have more peers, so seed radio can easily get over 100:1 in short time.

Another problem is that some torrents are hybrid and are tracked both on private and public trackers, sou i don't want to delete the torrents that are tracked on public trackers, but also on private.

In transmission there is already filter to select torrents that are on ONE specified tracker. But i'd like some way to select torrents that are NOT on one or MULTIPLE of specified trackers. Do you think this is possible? THX.

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I've also found that transmission knows if torrent is "Public torrent" or "Private to this tracker -- DHT and PEX disabled".

And probably all i need is to add way to select only public or only private torrents.

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