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transmission-remote should not accept out of order ranges.

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Component: CLI Version: 2.90
Severity: Normal Keywords: transmission-remote


On occasion, I have made a mistake with the CLI, which changed the state of a large number of torrents. It was my mistake, but I think it is worthwhile to make that less harmful.

If I have 1000 torrents loaded and wish to do an operation on Id 990-999, but instead mistype '-t 990-99', 99-990 will be selected, which is to say, just one of those intended along with most of the others that were not, a significant annoyance. I am reporting this only because the affect is a lot more painful than any other input error I have subjected transmission-remote to, yet have done it twice due to quick edit/typo of end of range.

I am presently unable to think of any particular use case for accepting reverse-order ranges and think it would be better to treat them as invalid.

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