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transmission-remote --download-dir only AND --add problem

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.84
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The usage information from transmission-remote states:

-w --download-dir <path> When used in conjunction with --add, set the new torrent's download folder. Otherwise, set the default download folder.

However, the behavior seems strange:

If --download-dir is on the command line AFTER the --add argument, it does what it says.

If --download-dir is on the command line BEFORE the --add argument, it changes the default dir.

This should probably be mentioned in the transmission-remote usage notes or changed so it doesn't matter in the program. "in conjunction" does not seem to imply any preference for order, just that it be on the same command line.

Tested on Mac OS X 10.11, Transmission App 2.92 (14714), self-built transmission-remote as this binary is not included in the App bundle.

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