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OS X El Capitan style icon for Mac client

Reported by: Kibo Owned by: livings124
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Component: Mac Client Version: 2.92+
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Apple heavily restyled their icons last year, and Transmission's current icon (from 2007) no longer matches the style of other stuff in the Dock. I took the initiative in preparing a suite of replacement app icons that adapt the existing design to the modern style. There are two versions for your consideration, an oblique view and a front-facing view. Details are in the attached PDF booklet (because I like to go on and on about icons.)

Version 3.0 might be a good opportunity to update the look of Transmission.

(These icons could also be used for the GTK client, Web client, or Web site if so desired, but they were drawn with the intent of matching Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.)

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Kibo

Oh, pfeh, I can only attach 256k files here? I'll put the attachments on FileDropper?.

The proposal PDF:

Proposed new icon, oblique view (my favorite):

Proposed new icon, forward-facing view (in line with Apple's guidelines and the GTK version):

Hope you like these. If you don't, I can draw different ones...

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by Kibo

A couple people in the forum thread ( ) have suggested the icons be brighter, so I tweaked them and re-rendered everything. Here are the subtly brighter versions for your consideration:

Proposed new icon, forward-facing view, brightened:

Proposed new icon, oblique view, brightened:

Technical note: The .iconset folders (of PNGs) are the canonical versions. I've provided .icns conversions, but every converter I've tried (even Apple's own 'iconutil' command-line tool) messes up the brightness, and not consistently -- the .icns files wind up with some of the icons being darker than others. I haven't tried using Xcode's automatic conversion, but I assume that just uses 'iconutil'. The .iconset versions have the colors I intended, but there may be some weird voodoo going on with .icns conversions.

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