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Mouse focus problems

Reported by: rhialto Owned by: jordan
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: GTK+ Client Version: 2.84
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I'm using transmission-gtk as packaged by pkgsrc. I see mouse focus problems using this GUI.

What happens is that often (but not always) mouse clicks (and also drags, but there aren't so many text input fields, so that isn't as noticable) don't have any effect. Some other times, if I click on one thing and it works, then I click on something else in the same window, it still thinks I'm clicking the same thing again.

An example of this is in Preferences -> Privacy -> Blocklist, when you click "Update". When clicking the "Close" button in the pop-up window, it typically thinks I'm clicking "Update" again.

This did not happen before the "new flat look" of gtk3 was in use. The Qt GUI does not have this problem. I have seen very similar problems in some other gtk3 programs as well.

A temporary workaround seems to be to switch to another workspace and back; or iconify and de-iconify; then I can successfully click on a button or so before it breaks again.

I've reported this for version 2.84 since that is the version I have in pkgsrc; but it has happened for a while, I only now get around do report the problem. I suspect it is not really depending on the exact transmission-gtk version.

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