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Download specific files via http from the web-ui

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Thanks for an excellent bit of software that just flipping works.

I spent 30 mins or so searching for tickets about this and found a few related ones but nothing that quite matched what i was thinking, i hope this is not a duplicate as i couldn't find one.

Pitch: When using transmission via the web ui it would be really helpful to be able to download a file from one of the torrents via the web browser.

Use Case: Being able to download files from the web client would mean i could use them on my smart tv via its web browser instead of copying it on a usb stick. This use case would equally apply to tablets and phones just as much a smart tvs. This only needs to be a straight forward save rather than a specific http streaming server.

Implemenation: The web ui has file list for each torrent, i propose that when a file is complete that a download link be available next to or instead of the priority selector.

The http download could be in the same session as the web ui so no additional security requirements would exist although it might be wise to require a password to be set on the web ui if this is enabled.

There might be a need to restrict this option to files below a certain size depending on the link between the client and the server. a clever implementation of this might be able to adjust that by measuring the speed or computing the estimated download time.

I have python experience and work as software tester, i've no experience with transmission development but am happy to help do this with a bit of help.

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