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how to use the libraries in third-party/ instead of download them

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Hello, there are some libraries not available in Debian, f.e. dht but that library is available in third-party and still cmake tries to download it from github:

-- Could NOT find DHT (missing:  DHT_LIBRARY DHT_INCLUDE_DIR) 
-- Could NOT find UTP (missing:  UTP_LIBRARY UTP_INCLUDE_DIR) 
-- Could NOT find B64 (missing:  B64_LIBRARY B64_INCLUDE_DIR) 
[  1%] Creating directories for 'dht-cc379e406d'
[  1%] Performing download step (download, verify and extract) for 'dht-cc379e406d'
-- downloading...
-- downloading... done
-- verifying file...
-- verifying file... done
-- extracting...
-- extracting... [tar xfz]
-- extracting... [analysis]
-- extracting... [rename]
-- extracting... [clean up]
-- extracting... done

I've a bit of a trouble following all the cmake files, for example there is a cmake/FindDHT.cmake which seems relevant but i'm not sure if it's executed, so is it possible to specify some cmake parameters to make it use the library in third-party instead of downloading them (which is forbidden by the debian policy)?


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Not currently possible, although I was anticipating this... Patches are welcome.

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