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delay in RPC of torrent status when starting/stopping

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Component: Transmission Version: 2.92
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When toggling a torrent through the RPC with torrent-{start,stop}, it looks like there is a delay after already getting back success from the rpc before the value of status actually changes after stopping the torrent. This can be seen by toggling with transmission-remote and immediately asking for info:

$ transmission-remote -t 11 -S && transmission-remote -t 11 -i $ transmission-remote -t 11 -s && transmission-remote -t 11 -i

the status from both lines will read "Idle" or whatever, but never "Stopped". I don't know if this is just a problem with status and/or the torrent-start/stop methods.

What I would expect is that a torrent-get request after receiving success from a torrent-{start,stop} request return that the status of the torrent is {started,stopped} respectively; unless an error has occurred.

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