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use native progress bars

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Component: GTK+ Client Version: 1.03
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seems like lots of people want to customize the main window's progressbar colors to match their desktop theme. there should be a preferences option for this.

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gtk progress bars with the proper "background" that was absent in transmission

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comment:1 follow-up: Changed 14 years ago by kiddo

  • Summary changed from customizable colors to customizable colors vs native progress bars

Hi, I feel this is a design issue that is going awry, so I will be explaining my view on the issue as a long time GNOME HIG nazi.

By adding a feature to customize the colors:

  • it will bloat the preferences UI (one step closer to KDE or azureus, to put it in a comical way)
  • you are "giving up" on design by dumping the responsibility onto the user (ie: put an option so nobody will complain).

Now, that is understandable, but I think there is an easy and elegant solution. From what I understand (having used transmission for the last 1.5 years or so), the problem must have been that, with the previously native progressbars, you could not see the "frame" (or "background", if you will) of the progress bar. The result was:

  • harder to predict the real completion
  • the progressbar looks like it is "floating" in mid-air
  • no contrast at all when you select the row that the progressbar is in; the progressbar is orange and the entire row becomes orange, therefore you have a hard time seeing the progressbar

This is why I think the new progressbar in the 1.x series was created. However I think there is a much better way: use the native progress bars, but ensure that they do have their "progressbar background".

I will attach a file that shows exactly what I mean by progressbar background. Please take a look at it.

Now, one might say that the new progressbar conveys more info because it uses multiple colors. But I have two things to add regarding that:

  • the meaning of the colors is not documented. Even I don't know that they mean
  • I don't care about what each colors mean. I just want to know how my download is "progressing". Maybe you want to keep these colors for other platforms, or, if you strive for good platform integration, use the real native gtk progressbars.

So, in summary, my evil proposal:

  1. bring back the native progress bars
  2. we don't need no stinking special colors ;) really, I think most people don't care, otherwise they would be using azureus or the official BT client or deluge... I want transmission to be the perfectly gnome-style-integrated client I always dreamed of!
  3. to make sure all of this works, make sure, when using native gtk progress bars, to *have them show their background* (see attached screenshot) to prevent visual confusion (due to low contrast) in the list view.

Changed 14 years ago by kiddo

gtk progress bars with the proper "background" that was absent in transmission

comment:2 in reply to: ↑ 1 Changed 14 years ago by antistress

Replying to kiddo:

I completely agree with that comment :

I was stuck with Transmission 0.72 (Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon) until i decide to activate the backports : at this moment i'm running Transmission 1.05 and i can't figure why you gave up native progressbars.

Actually, i can see that new progressbars allow several colors unlike native progressbars, but i don't find it useful whereas it breaks the interface coherence. Therefore i see an important drawback and no advantage to the new UI. Considering GNOME philosophy, i think that progressbars should stay simple to provide only basic/useful informations.

Besides, unlike new progressbars, native progressbars have gradations which makes it more confortable to evaluate the progression (which is the reason why progressbars exist!)

I find very clever kiddo's proposal to switch back to native progressbars with apparent background showing the empty space (as shown in its screenshot).

Anyway, thank you for that great piece of software

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by charles

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Summary changed from customizable colors vs native progress bars to use native progress bars

r5097: experimentally use the native progressbars.

kiddo: the background had nothing to do with it. :/

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by antistress

i'd love to test it but i can't Error while trying to have Transmision from svn (Ubuntu)

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by antistress

this is just to say that i'm using version 1.21 and it looks gorgeous with native progress bar on my GNOME desktop

Many thanks :-)

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