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#780 closed Bug (wontfix)

Contextual menu in main window loads very slowly for torrents with a high number of files.

Reported by: robrecord Owned by: livings124
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Component: Mac Client Version: 1.06
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When clicking the icon to the left of the torrent in the main window to load the contextual menu, if the torrent has a high number of files to list (eg 1000+) the program can appear to hang and seems to take over the GUI and other programs. I am assuming this is because the code to build the menu is part of OS X core?

Suggest omitting the list of files, hiding them in a submenu, lowering the priority of the thread that builds the list or detecting a high file count triggers a different behaviour.

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MAME 0.123 (228.4 KB) - added by robrecord 14 years ago.
Example of a torrent that triggers the described behaviour

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Changed 14 years ago by robrecord

Example of a torrent that triggers the described behaviour

comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by livings124

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There's not too much that can be done with this. This torrent is clearly a worst-case scenario, and (on my system) causes a freeze of around 5 seconds. I will gladly take a patch for this if you are so inclined to write one, but removing the functionality or hiding it in a submenu seems like a bad compromise for so few torrents with 1000's of files at the root level.

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by robrecord

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Thanks for looking.

I just tried it again with that same torrent:

Hung for just under 7 minutes, then crashed.

This is with nothing else running. Admittedly I have a 400Mhz processor and 512Mb RAM, but I'm sure I can't be the only one who has or will have this problem.

This has happened to me with 3 different torrents, on about 5 or 6 occasions so far. As I use the menu regularly for changing the seeding ratio, it severely impacts my productivity if I forget not to click.

There must be a better way.. Would it be possible to add a configuration item to optionally disable the building of this part of the menu?

I will try to think of how else it could be solved. Failing that, I guess I will have to join in your effort with the source code :)

Thanks for your reconsideration,

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by livings124

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I have sped up the code a little, and that torrent takes ~3.5 seconds to load on my system. 400mhz and 512mb of ram are ridiculously low compared to current standards...I'm surprised you can run 10.4 or (especially) 10.5 on that.

Considering how many files are in the torrent, the time it loads on my system are definitely acceptable. This case will happen for very few users very rarely, so removing this feature, limiting it for size, etc. is not a fair compromise. A configuration option would definitely be bloat. I would consider any code to speed up the display, but I don't see the option disappearing.

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by robrecord

Thankyou - I do appreciate you taking the time to optimise the code. I'm sure it will make a big difference for those of us using less up-to-date hardware :)

The reason I came to you with this is that with Transmission being so lightweight in normal use, the slowdown I was experiencing seemed very out of character.

Just FYI, Tiger runs acceptably on my machine. I am using it to run Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign? CS3 for my work on a daily basis, as well as many other up-to-date apps. Not to say that I won't be upgrading as soon as I can ;)

Again, thanks.

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