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    1 I know that the developers work on Transmission for free, in their spare time, but I would postulate that clean C implementation of the mainline DHT is the single most important thing for Bittorrent and filesharing in general, from a practical or political POV.  As such it deserves higher priority and severity ratings.
    3 How long will the main trackers remain?  When OiNK died the hydra spouted a few more heads rather quickly but ''that doesn't mean that the full power has been restored.'' According to [ TorrentFreak] the Pirate Bay was supporting 50% of ALL torrents BEFORE Demonoid was shut down, and Demonoid tracked roughly 25% of the torrents out there.  The DHT is a way to float until a new hydra sprouts, until new dissidents can find their voice.
    5 The developers of Transmission, and all FOSS developers for that matter, have my endless thanks for their work.  I don't think that this one piddily comment will change the mind of people who have a LOT more invested in this than I do. But I strongly believe in the importance of at least ''recognizing'' how important a clean C implementation of the mainline DHT is but for Bittorrent and Free Speech in general.  One way to do that is by raising the priority to High and the severity to Major, as the DHT is highly important to keeping the hydra alive, given the major severity of the threats to it ; p
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