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    1 by end users who would like to contribute and start to use docs to learn cool stuff about their apps in the first place. Both annotations and contributions will only clutter the interface by default as a design pattern rather than trying to put it all together. That way you can never create offline or print docs of high quality without again having the devs or current admins maintain the comments and annotations. Hopefully a small Wiki quality team will evolve (i am against ops or admins) to review and summarize the contributions. I hope this gives us more users as contributors than having the docs focused on the devs. Cheers, duns [ china tour] [ Apparel] [ shoes] [ bags] [ Kitchen] [ Food and Wine] [ Furniture)] [ Flowers and Gifts] [ Wall Art] [ Computer Components] I still prefer a wiki like approach since the php (or mysql) docs are very cluttered when you have to take their comments in account. On the other hand they are professionally maintained imho, since they are *much* better than KDE documentation. KDE is by far larger and has so many different apps, which need screenshots and end user not dev/api docs
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