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transmissioncli won't scrape

Reported by: pea Owned by:
Priority: Normal Milestone: None Set
Component: CLI Version: 1.20
Severity: Normal Keywords: transmissioncli scrape


$ time -p transmissioncli -v2 -s test.torrent
Transmission 1.20+ (5805) -
Thread 'libeventThreadFunc' started
Starting libevent thread
setrlimit( RLIMIT_NOFILE, 712 )
200 usable file descriptors
Transmission 1.20+ (5805) started
Found 158 torrents in "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/Torrents"
Read resume file "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/Resume/test.txt.0124eee7e17439d3.resume"
Resume file found 1 files marked for download
tr_bencSaveFile saved "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/Torrents/test.txt.0124eee7e17439d3.torrent"
Scraping, Please wait...
tr_bencSaveFile saved "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/Resume/test.txt.0124eee7e17439d3.resume"
Bound socket 7 to port 51413
Opened port 51413 to listen for incoming peer connections
tracker response: 200
Got 2 seeds from tracker
Scrape failed.
tr_bencSaveFile saved "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/stats.benc"
tr_bencSaveFile saved "/Users/jan/Library/Application Support/Transmission/Resume/test.txt.0124eee7e17439d3.resume"
Closing torrent; 0 left
Closing libevent thread
Thread 'libeventThreadFunc' exited
real 22.30
user 0.17
sys 0.16

1) probably there is no need for announce
2) probably there is no need to open incoming port
3) transmissioncli waits about 20s after announce (Got 2 seeds from tracker) then quits with "Scrape failed"
4) this is repeatable for every random torrent

the same torrent scraped (and announced and downloaded) correctly with GUI version

here is the the test.torrent

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