11:22 Ticket #8 (UPnP/NAT-PMP support) created by jah
Would make Transmission 'just work'. Don't know how hard it would be …


16:59 Ticket #7 (DHT support) created by ddv
DHT is a very important feature for a torrent client since it makes …


21:39 Ticket #6 ("Reveal in Finder" not compatible with PathFinder) created by agnomen.nm@…
Could the "Reveal in Finder" function be made compatible with …
18:43 Changeset [129] by titer
Now 0.6-svn
16:35 Changeset [128] by titer
0.5 tag
16:34 Changeset [127] by titer
06:46 Changeset [126] by titer
When both torrent and non-torrent files are dropped, only open the …


20:52 Changeset [125] by joshe
Improve libintl.h search and add a --gettext-prefix configure option. …
20:46 Changeset [124] by titer
Reject dropped files which aren't .torrent files. "Retarget" the drop …
20:06 Changeset [123] by titer
20:05 Changeset [122] by titer
Prepare for 0.5
19:43 Changeset [121] by titer
Updated description
19:17 Changeset [120] by titer
11:53 Ticket #5 (Ratio+Limit) created by thbohn@…
Since you can see the ratio between upload and download it would make …
06:14 Changeset [119] by titer
Cleaner icon caching
05:59 Changeset [118] by titer
Cleaner stringFittingInWidth
05:58 Changeset [117] by joshe
Display an unknown number of seeders or leechers as ? instead of -1.
05:43 Changeset [116] by titer
Fixed --openssl-prefix
01:49 Changeset [115] by joshe
Rewrite the drag and drop code to handle multiple files (oops), as …


18:16 Changeset [114] by joshe
Fix ratio calculation to not truncate to a whole number.
13:44 Changeset [113] by titer
Optimized stringFittingInWidth
13:00 Ticket #3 (DL's above 1000 KB/s (1mb/s) strips text) closed by titer
fixed: Fixed in [111]
12:58 Ticket #1 (Displaying file icon in table view causes large CPU increase) closed by anonymous
12:58 Changeset [112] by titer
Cache icons in NameCell? (fixes #1)
06:38 Changeset [111] by titer
Reverted the bottom of the window to the way it was before. Minor …
05:55 Changeset [110] by joshe
Recognize openbsd as a valid system. When using GTK, try to make sure …


22:21 Changeset [109] by titer
Added optimistic choking
21:26 Changeset [108] by titer
Randomly choke and unchoke peers who upload less than 0.1KB/s to us, …
19:05 Changeset [107] by titer
Update the torrent history as the app runs, so it won't be lost if it …
18:10 Changeset [106] by titer
Removed 'BadgeCompleted?' option - who'd want to disable it anyway?
17:53 Changeset [105] by joshe
This branch isn't needed anymore.
17:48 Changeset [104] by joshe
Save resume information when a torrent finishes downloading.
17:44 Changeset [103] by titer
Updated badging
16:49 Changeset [102] by titer
Fixed fastResumeLoadOld
16:35 Changeset [101] by joshe
Remove this branch, it has been merged.
16:31 Changeset [100] by joshe
Merge the version 1 extensible resume file format, as well as …
14:15 Changeset [99] by joshe
Whoops, use download and upload *totals* instead of *rate* to …
09:49 Changeset [98] by titer
Use the infinite symbol rather than "Inf."
04:45 Changeset [97] by joshe
Minor change to improve drag-and-drop compatibility.


17:15 Changeset [96] by joshe
Show seeders and leechers in properties window. Show ratio instead of …
09:34 Changeset [95] by titer
BeOS fixes
05:02 Changeset [94] by titer
Show ratio instead of the download rate once the download is complete. …
03:10 Changeset [93] by titer
Cleaning and minor optims
02:32 Changeset [92] by titer
Force rates to 0 when paused, and download rate to 0 when seeding. …


05:48 Changeset [91] by joshe
Implement drag-and-drop to allow files to be dropped into the main …


21:30 Ticket #4 (starting torrents to seed) created by downhillbiker@…
I finished a torrent, removed it and its files to where i needed them, …
21:10 Changeset [90] by titer
17:33 Changeset [89] by joshe
Rewrite error messages to be less unnecessarily verbose. Only allow …
16:00 Changeset [88] by joshe
Fix a couple of warnings on netbsd 3.
09:42 Changeset [87] by titer
Fixed no-limit upload


20:25 Ticket #3 (DL's above 1000 KB/s (1mb/s) strips text) created by Johan
When downloading in speeds above 1000kb/s (ain't swedish broadband …
20:22 Ticket #2 (Swedish translation) created by Johan
I'd chip in on this if i had some pointers on where to start.
18:03 Changeset [86] by joshe
Add internationalization support for the GTK GUI.
15:21 Changeset [85] by titer
Hide toolbar button in a Panther-compatible way
07:27 Changeset [84] by joshe
Add a branch with some simple tracker http parsing code. Also, treat a …
06:43 Changeset [83] by joshe
Whoops, forgot to add this with the fastresume stuff.
06:30 Changeset [82] by joshe
Add a branch for the new version 1 fastresume format.
06:14 Changeset [81] by joshe
Fix a couple of positioning bugs with right-to-left languages.


01:59 Changeset [80] by titer
Fixed memleak Don't count small messages in the download rate


14:05 Changeset [79] by titer
Workarounded a race condition
11:57 Ticket #1 (Displaying file icon in table view causes large CPU increase) created by mark+transmission@…
In builds from SVN prior to [56] I was seeing around 8% CPU usage with …
00:14 Changeset [78] by titer
Display the number of active torrents when quitting, not downloading …


07:54 Changeset [77] by joshe
Add internationalization support.
07:11 Changeset [76] by titer
Fixes a crash (quite amazing that it didn't crash more often, actually...)
04:58 Changeset [75] by titer
Fixed a lame typo so the algorithm may actually work
04:19 Changeset [74] by titer
Fixes crash when the user is always asked for the download location
03:32 Changeset [73] by joshe
Merge rev 68:72 from trunk.


20:01 Changeset [72] by joshe
Validate that data read from prefs and state files is valid UTF-8.
16:19 Changeset [71] by joshe
Rename this branch as it doesn't have anything to do with the …
16:05 Changeset [70] by joshe
Rename a few files now that we're using subversion and it's easy.
15:12 Changeset [69] by joshe
Merge from trunk up to rev 68.
14:28 Changeset [68] by joshe
FreeBSD (and presumably NetBSD) also need -lm
07:01 Changeset [67] by titer
Fixes a little memleak
06:59 Changeset [66] by titer
Now needs -lm on Linux
06:54 Changeset [65] by titer
New choking algorithm (still needs work, it's inefficient, untested …
06:07 Changeset [64] by titer
Fixed the build
04:43 Changeset [63] by titer
04:42 Changeset [62] by titer
Added a rate calculator for each peer Set up files for the choking …
02:13 Changeset [61] by titer
Removed now unused tables and some now unused code
01:58 Changeset [60] by titer
Rewrote rate control, background work for the download limit, the …


22:16 Changeset [59] by titer
Moved the quit code to applicationWillTerminate:
22:01 Changeset [58] by titer
Added check for update
19:47 Changeset [57] by titer
Added preferences to configure badging
19:18 Changeset [56] by titer
Show the file icon in the "Name" cell Changed 0.5-cvs to 0.5-svn
01:20 Changeset [55] by titer
The quit dialog now displays the number of active torrents Disables …


04:05 Changeset [54] by titer
Ignore requests for blocks we don't have, fixes the "readOrWrite ..." error


22:59 Changeset [53] by titer
On OS X, check if the Universal SDK is installed or fail with an …


17:20 Changeset [52] by joshe
Send stopped and started events to trackers when the listening port is …
16:55 Changeset [51] by joshe
Merge many small usability improvements for the GTK frontend, as well …
16:51 Changeset [50] by joshe
Use toolbar icons that are a little more appropriate.
16:35 Changeset [49] by joshe
Many small usability improvements. Remove an ugly wart in the conf api.


15:01 Changeset [48] by joshe
Add my TODO list and add generated binaries to the ignore properties.
13:59 Changeset [47] by joshe
Oh hey, how about I seek to the beginning of the file before reading …
07:01 Changeset [46] by joshe
Add backwards compatibility to read version 0 resume files.
04:43 Changeset [45] by joshe
Bump the resume file format and use it to save download and upload totals.
02:57 Changeset [44] by joshe
Do some basic HTTP header parsing to check for 2xx response code. …


21:04 Changeset [43] by joshe
Remove debugging output.
03:51 Changeset [42] by joshe
Whoops, use the empty stop response workaround when changing ports …
03:29 Changeset [41] by joshe
Workaround for trackers that send an empty response to a stop event. …
02:06 Changeset [40] by joshe
More random debug stuff, also actually change the port right away via …
00:58 Changeset [39] by joshe
Add some untested code to change update the tracker when the listening …


03:11 Changeset [38] by titer
Use setBool: and setInt: for setting defaults instead of first …
02:34 Changeset [37] by titer
The simple bar turns gray when paused Added missing images for …


01:51 Changeset [36] by titer
This adds badging
01:23 Changeset [35] by titer
Forget to update the nibs in the last commit
01:13 Changeset [34] by titer
Imports instead of include Category for NSString instead of using …
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