May 3, 2006:

5:41 PM Changeset [250] by titer
Be more flexible in case the dictionary isn't at the beginning of the …
10:09 AM Changeset [249] by joshe
Some minor code cleanups. Handle things a little better when quitting.
6:58 AM Changeset [248] by joshe
Major internal restructuring for the GTK GUI, GObject-derived …

May 1, 2006:

9:45 AM Ticket #37 (trunk is starting a new instance when started from webpage) created by Göran Thyni <gthyni@…>
version trunk (May 1, 2006) on MacOSX (tiger) trunk is starting a new …
2:23 AM Ticket #36 (icon inaccurate) created by anonymous
A folder with 1 or 0 items doesn't have the icon of a folder.
12:15 AM Changeset [247] by titer
Adds Action button that allows quick setting of upload and download …

Apr 29, 2006:

4:29 PM Changeset [246] by joshe
Make padding of dialogs look a little better. Respect GNOME's toolbar …

Apr 26, 2006:

10:59 AM Changeset [245] by titer
Fixes warnings

Apr 25, 2006:

4:31 PM Changeset [244] by titer
Saves in history the date at which the torrent was loaded
8:14 AM Changeset [243] by joshe
A couple minor i18n cleanups. Add italian translation. Add an install …
7:26 AM Changeset [242] by joshe
Add IPC code for another process to communicate with a running …
7:00 AM Changeset [241] by joshe
Make sure not to go past the end of the buffer when loading bencoded …
5:10 AM Changeset [240] by joshe
Show subversion revision number in version string.
4:09 AM Ticket #35 (transmission on 10.2 breaks (due to permissions?)) created by alxpoz@…
torrent downloads successfully, but crashes with no errors when 'pause …

Apr 24, 2006:

4:42 PM Changeset [239] by titer

Apr 23, 2006:

5:03 PM Changeset [238] by titer
Use file descriptors instead of streams (preliminary cleanup for fixes …

Apr 22, 2006:

9:39 PM Changeset [237] by titer
Clean up, perform all DNS resolutions in a common thread. This should …
5:12 PM Changeset [236] by titer
Code cleanup
4:54 PM Changeset [235] by titer
4:44 PM Changeset [234] by titer
Use NSLog on Mac OS X for errors, cosmetic changes
2:27 PM Changeset [233] by titer
Portability fix (platforms such as sparc64 need uint32_t pointers to …

Apr 21, 2006:

7:15 AM Ticket #34 (Traffic Encryption (Azereus/uTorrent compatible)) created by colin@…
In order for me to use BT on my university network, I need protocol …

Apr 15, 2006:

3:22 AM Changeset [232] by joshe
Turn the download limit off by default.

Apr 13, 2006:

10:21 AM Ticket #33 (Ban peers who repeatedly send bad data to us) created by jah
This is a useful 'under the hood' feature, which saves you needlessly …
4:47 AM Ticket #32 (IP Blocklist) created by cavemonkey50
It would be nice if Transmission had some IP blocklist support.

Apr 12, 2006:

10:09 PM Changeset [231] by titer
The CFLAGS/LDFLAGS passed to configure are now put at the end at the …

Apr 11, 2006:

10:37 PM Changeset [230] by titer
Merged simple_http_parsing branch
2:29 AM Changeset [229] by joshe
Don't require a "peers" field in the response to a stopped event.
2:22 AM Changeset [228] by joshe
Add missing tracker stats reset when changing our listening port. …

Apr 10, 2006:

9:13 AM Changeset [227] by titer
Re-link transmissioncli and transmission-gtk when libtransmission.a …

Apr 9, 2006:

2:02 PM Changeset [226] by titer
"make package" now doesn't strip debug symbols anymore, so bug reports …

Apr 8, 2006:

9:59 PM Changeset [225] by titer
6:33 PM Changeset [224] by titer
Make a difference whether the tracker is unreachable or the tracker …
4:41 PM Changeset [223] by titer
The dictionary can start with any field
4:10 PM Changeset [222] by titer
Merge 84:221 from trunk
3:58 PM Changeset [221] by titer
Removed unused branch
3:58 PM Changeset [220] by titer
Removed unused branch
3:56 PM Changeset [219] by titer
Show tracker errors again
3:10 PM Changeset [218] by titer
Fixed a couple of bugs introduced in [164]
1:14 AM Ticket #31 (Add Pause &amp;amp; Resume toolbar buttons) created by macHD
With multi-selection now enabled, it would make sense to have toolbar …

Apr 7, 2006:

8:17 PM Changeset [217] by titer
Should fix a race condition
5:30 PM Changeset [216] by joshe
Fixed bug where incorrect stats were being reported to the tracker. …
5:10 PM Changeset [215] by titer
Corrected keys for rate limits Always set limit, even if value entered …
5:06 PM Ticket #30 (Transmission &#34;Forgets&#34; Advanced Progress Bar settings) created by JonTD
I always have the Advanced Progress Bar on, and occassionally …
4:01 PM Ticket #29 (Insert "KB/s" after "Limit Upload Rate" in Network Preferences) closed by titer
fixed: Done in [213]
4:00 PM Ticket #13 (Limit downloadrate.) closed by titer
fixed: Done in [210] / [212] / [213]
3:41 PM Changeset [214] by joshe
Instead of storing files specific to the gtk frontend directly in …
2:22 PM Changeset [213] by titer
Adds download rate limit to OS X interface
2:14 PM Changeset [212] by joshe
Add download rate limit to GTK interface.
1:09 PM Changeset [211] by titer
Multiple selection
12:09 PM Changeset [210] by titer
Adds download rate limit

Apr 5, 2006:

1:52 PM Changeset [209] by titer
1:39 PM Changeset [208] by titer
Got rid of a class variable, makes performSelectorOnMainThread retain …
1:07 PM Ticket #29 (Insert "KB/s" after "Limit Upload Rate" in Network Preferences) created by jah
Would make it clearer for the user if they knew what units to put …
12:21 PM Changeset [207] by titer
Cleaning, also fixes disabling idle sleep when torrents are active
10:12 AM Changeset [206] by titer
Fixed lrintf check when lrintf is in libm
9:58 AM Changeset [205] by joshe
Have make print a helpful error message if configure has not been run.
9:45 AM Changeset [204] by joshe
Don't print an error if the .depend files don't exist.
9:37 AM Changeset [203] by joshe
I will not commit without compiling first. I will not commit without …
9:27 AM Changeset [202] by joshe
Bind the default port when starting the first torrent if it hasn't …
9:14 AM Changeset [201] by titer
Removed rests from a kludge I had locally
12:41 AM Changeset [200] by joshe
Add check for a working compiler and print a helpful error if one is …

Apr 4, 2006:

8:39 PM Changeset [199] by titer
Fixes OS X build
8:23 PM Changeset [198] by titer
Nicer make output. Also moved the CLI client to its own folder like …
12:16 PM Changeset [197] by titer
Removed duplicate AS
10:53 AM Changeset [196] by titer
Mention that GNU make is required
10:34 AM Changeset [195] by joshe
Use CFLAGS when generating dependencies for GTK sources.
10:01 AM Changeset [194] by titer
Makes the info inspector resizable
9:45 AM Changeset [193] by titer
Choosing the download location for torrents is smoother and doesn't …
8:03 AM Changeset [192] by titer
Handle B_ARGV_RECEIVED messages, apparently needed for browser (and …
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