May 24, 2006:

3:38 PM Ticket #49 (delete torrent on remove) closed by livings124@…
invalid: Why is this being reopened? You should explain, otherwise I see no …
2:07 PM Ticket #49 (delete torrent on remove) reopened by anonymous

May 22, 2006:

9:13 AM Ticket #52 (Nightly+builds+have+not+been+updated+for+almost+2+weeks) closed by transmission.trac@…
fixed: Fixed.

May 21, 2006:

4:52 PM Ticket #52 (Nightly+builds+have+not+been+updated+for+almost+2+weeks) created by gmacster
http://www.chucker.rasdi.net/opensource/transmission/ The builds stop …

May 20, 2006:

11:38 PM Changeset [255] by joshe
Allow column resizing and ellipsize long torrent names. merged from …
8:35 PM Ticket #50 (Null Data) closed by JetsGo

May 19, 2006:

10:01 PM Ticket #33 (Ban peers who repeatedly send bad data to us) closed by Gimp <downhillbiker@…>
fixed: This has been fixed in SVN by titer. and ive seen it work. so yay. …

May 18, 2006:

3:38 PM Ticket #50 (Null Data) created by anonymous
A ton of the files I download are bloating well past the actual size. …

May 16, 2006:

9:11 PM Ticket #49 (delete torrent on remove) closed by livings124@…
worksforme: In the remove menu: "Delete Torrent File."
7:35 PM Ticket #49 (delete torrent on remove) created by anonymous
An option to delete the .torrent file when removed from transmission.

May 15, 2006:

1:38 AM Ticket #48 (&amp;#34;About&amp;#34; revision wrong) created by JetsGo
The revision number shown in the "About" window of the OS X builds is …

May 13, 2006:

5:28 PM Changeset [254] by titer
Toughens the criteria for banning, tries to make guesses about the …
3:30 PM Ticket #37 (trunk is starting a new instance when started from webpage) closed by Göran Thyni <gthyni@…>
fixed: tried a new build today, this seems to have been fixed but not closed.
6:48 AM Changeset [253] by titer
Adds automatic peer banning. At first, peers get only banned for the …

May 11, 2006:

12:53 AM Ticket #47 (Have transmission auto-save a copy of the torrent) created by anonymous
For *nix, copy the torrent to ~/.transmission/torrents/, on OS X copy …

May 8, 2006:

8:16 AM Ticket #46 (&amp;amp;#34;Remove&amp;amp;#34; from t-gtk doesn't send event) created by Skee
It seems that if i click Remove on a torrent, it does remove it from …

May 7, 2006:

9:16 PM Ticket #44 (transmission-gtk crashes when turning off upload limit) closed by Skee
8:35 PM Changeset [252] by joshe
Fix a double-free bug that was causing preference corruption and crashes.
7:37 PM Ticket #44 (transmission-gtk crashes when turning off upload limit) created by Skee@…
Upon clicking OK in the Prefs window after having unticked the Limit …

May 5, 2006:

8:57 PM Changeset [251] by joshe
Trying to free nonexistent memory is bad, mmkay? (refs …
2:37 PM Ticket #40 (Transmission doesn't downloads all Blocks.) created by Peter
Somtimes Transmission shows me the File is 100% done,but i have to …

May 3, 2006:

5:41 PM Changeset [250] by titer
Be more flexible in case the dictionary isn't at the beginning of the …
10:09 AM Changeset [249] by joshe
Some minor code cleanups. Handle things a little better when quitting.
6:58 AM Changeset [248] by joshe
Major internal restructuring for the GTK GUI, GObject-derived …

May 1, 2006:

9:45 AM Ticket #37 (trunk is starting a new instance when started from webpage) created by Göran Thyni <gthyni@…>
version trunk (May 1, 2006) on MacOSX (tiger) trunk is starting a new …
2:23 AM Ticket #36 (icon inaccurate) created by anonymous
A folder with 1 or 0 items doesn't have the icon of a folder.
12:15 AM Changeset [247] by titer
Adds Action button that allows quick setting of upload and download …

Apr 29, 2006:

4:29 PM Changeset [246] by joshe
Make padding of dialogs look a little better. Respect GNOME's toolbar …

Apr 26, 2006:

10:59 AM Changeset [245] by titer
Fixes warnings

Apr 25, 2006:

4:31 PM Changeset [244] by titer
Saves in history the date at which the torrent was loaded
8:14 AM Changeset [243] by joshe
A couple minor i18n cleanups. Add italian translation. Add an install …
7:26 AM Changeset [242] by joshe
Add IPC code for another process to communicate with a running …
7:00 AM Changeset [241] by joshe
Make sure not to go past the end of the buffer when loading bencoded …
5:10 AM Changeset [240] by joshe
Show subversion revision number in version string.
4:09 AM Ticket #35 (transmission on 10.2 breaks (due to permissions?)) created by alxpoz@…
torrent downloads successfully, but crashes with no errors when 'pause …

Apr 24, 2006:

4:42 PM Changeset [239] by titer
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