Oct 27, 2006:

7:14 PM Changeset [1034] by livings124
Partial use of bindings in prefs/action menu. This is still …

Oct 25, 2006:

1:36 PM Changeset [1033] by livings124
remove some redundant warnings
1:31 PM Changeset [1032] by livings124
Small fix for changing action menu values after prefs are changed.
1:15 PM Changeset [1031] by livings124
fix a mistake in portchecker
2:57 AM Changeset [1030] by livings124
load prefs when first used as opposed to at launch

Oct 24, 2006:

9:25 PM Changeset [1029] by livings124
remove redundant methods
9:04 PM Changeset [1028] by livings124
proper title in prefs window
8:51 PM Changeset [1027] by livings124
some cleanup from the previous commit
8:34 PM Changeset [1026] by livings124
Use localized strings where necessary. Also a fix for the port …
7:07 PM Ticket #166 (Auto resize window in os x gives double bottom border) closed by livings124
wontfix: This is intentional only because shrinking an extra pixel causes the …

Oct 23, 2006:

7:11 PM Ticket #166 (Auto resize window in os x gives double bottom border) created by lfe
Im not sure whether this is a defect or not since it acts according to …

Oct 21, 2006:

8:41 PM Changeset [1025] by livings124
More small changes, including to window placement.
8:09 PM Changeset [1024] by livings124
Some cleanup here and there.
3:36 PM Changeset [1023] by livings124
Only update info when necessary
2:58 AM Changeset [1022] by joshe
Add Romanian translation.

Oct 20, 2006:

3:01 PM Changeset [1021] by livings124
flash individual pieces red when they complete

Oct 19, 2006:

11:52 PM Ticket #165 ('smarter' NAT traversal detection) created by jah
If NAT traversal is enabled, and T manages to forward a port using one …

Oct 18, 2006:

9:35 PM Changeset [1020] by joshe
Update for Bulgarian translation.
9:10 PM Changeset [1019] by joshe
Add a partial Bulgarian translation.
9:09 PM Changeset [1018] by joshe
Fix a stupid mistake that could cause the fastresume data to not be …
3:57 PM Changeset [1017] by livings124
more traditional toolbar icons for those afraid of change
2:30 PM Ticket #163 (Window grows by filter bar height) closed by livings124
worksforme: I'm not seeing this problem on the latest SVN versions, at least not …

Oct 17, 2006:

10:12 PM Ticket #164 (handle stalled torrents with queuing) created by leena
can you add stall detection like the mainline client? if the torrent …
9:38 PM Ticket #163 (Window grows by filter bar height) created by Whosawhatsis
In OS X, when the filter bar is visible, the height of the window is …
6:48 PM Changeset [1016] by titer
BeOS/BONE compile fix

Oct 16, 2006:

3:17 AM Changeset [1015] by livings124
remove redundant method call
2:47 AM Changeset [1014] by livings124
small auto-import change
2:42 AM Changeset [1013] by livings124
use a mutable array
2:35 AM Changeset [1012] by livings124
Don't auto-import torrents after they have been auto-imported. Useful …
12:31 AM Changeset [1011] by livings124
New toolbar icons from Van Hugo.

Oct 15, 2006:

7:57 PM Changeset [1010] by livings124
buttons in inspector to reveal data file and (public) torrent file
7:24 PM Changeset [1009] by livings124
if there's not enough room to allow the window to expand to show the …
7:08 PM Changeset [1008] by livings124
rearrange and rename individual seeding settings

Oct 14, 2006:

2:49 AM Ticket #61 (Seeding doesn't stop at set ratio) reopened by leena
i'm still seeing this in revision [1007] but it only happens when …

Oct 13, 2006:

7:04 PM Changeset [1007] by livings124
don't know how this happened…
6:58 PM Changeset [1006] by livings124
in info show the number of incoming connections next to total connections
3:21 PM Changeset [1005] by livings124
hide scrollers when autoresizing
2:25 PM Changeset [1004] by livings124
Pieces View background is light gray instead of black
1:58 PM Changeset [1003] by livings124
no need to include .h's when compiling
1:47 PM Changeset [1002] by livings124
Clicking on the pieces view will toggle between piece progress view …
7:42 AM Changeset [1001] by joshe
Fix for trackers that include parameters in announce URL.
6:29 AM Changeset [1000] by joshe
Try to get home directory with getpwuid(getuid()) if getenv("HOME") fails.
2:49 AM Changeset [999] by livings124
get rid of excessive logging
1:34 AM Changeset [998] by livings124
Pieces View is working again
12:26 AM Changeset [997] by joshe
Prevent overflow when reading/converting strings from the torrent metainfo.
12:23 AM Changeset [996] by joshe
Fix a few minor style nits. Use a floats instead of uint8_ts for piece …
12:19 AM Changeset [995] by livings124
For now the pieces view will show the completeness of the …

Oct 12, 2006:

11:34 PM Changeset [994] by livings124
Initial attempt at against the completeness of a specific piece.
3:09 AM Ticket #162 (Execute script once torrent is completed) created by will
There are several topics in the forums describing functionality that …

Oct 11, 2006:

7:01 PM Changeset [993] by livings124
if a transfer does not start because of not enough disk space, start …
6:55 PM Ticket #160 (checking auto-map should refresh port notification) closed by livings124
fixed: should be fixed in [992]
6:55 PM Changeset [992] by livings124
refresh port status when changing autoport setting

Oct 9, 2006:

3:44 PM Changeset [991] by livings124
auto hide the vertical scroller
7:52 AM Ticket #161 (ratecontrol.c causes segment violation) created by oleo
I have collected several core dumps on my embeded transmission daemon …

Oct 8, 2006:

3:11 PM Ticket #160 (checking auto-map should refresh port notification) created by jah
if you check/uncheck automap, the port notification is not refreshed. …
12:58 PM Ticket #159 (bind to IP) created by pihhan
allow binding to IP also, in adition to binding to port. It is useful …

Oct 7, 2006:

7:21 AM Ticket #158 (shareaza peerid) created by trager
Earlier versions of Shareaza do not use the SZ identifier. I am seeing …
6:54 AM Ticket #157 (Detection and reporting of bittornado-style peerid needs updating) created by trager
Although the [http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification

Oct 6, 2006:

8:48 PM Changeset [990] by livings124
In Help blue is blue and green is green.
8:45 PM Changeset [989] by livings124
Swap green and blue in the advanced bar/pieces view
8:10 PM Changeset [988] by livings124
In the pieces view, pieces will briefly turn red before becoming green.
3:38 AM Changeset [987] by livings124
Tooltips display if peer is from incoming or outgoing connection.

Oct 5, 2006:

9:34 PM Changeset [986] by livings124
Combine multiple loops into 1
9:21 PM Changeset [985] by livings124
Don't redraw the progress bar completely each time. The number of …
8:55 PM Changeset [984] by livings124
Larger font in document icon.
6:37 PM Changeset [983] by titer
Restores display in transmissioncli
12:10 PM Changeset [982] by livings124
New documents icon from Van Hugo.

Oct 4, 2006:

8:10 PM Changeset [981] by livings124
correct image file extension
8:07 PM Changeset [980] by livings124
Faster scrolling at the cost of a bit less detailed advanced bar (if …
7:53 PM Changeset [979] by livings124
Fixed annoying bug of the pieces view being black the first time it …
7:34 PM Changeset [978] by livings124
remove unneeded variable assignment
7:04 PM Ticket #84 (Advanced sorting) closed by livings124
wontfix: This level of sorting isn't necessary and is not really doable without …
7:01 PM Ticket #130 (client identification in peer list) closed by livings124
invalid: Open tickets for specific client identification. Keeping this open …
6:58 PM Ticket #109 (Larger icon sizes in Minimal View) closed by livings124
wontfix: The icon cannot be made larger without sliding everything right to …
6:55 PM Ticket #68 (Null Data) closed by livings124
worksforme: Over 700 revisions later and no further reports of this. Reopen if …
5:33 PM Ticket #19 (Window controls disabled on Panther) closed by John Clay
worksforme: No reports of this recently. Can be repopened if needed.
2:38 PM Changeset [977] by livings124
New icon!
1:44 PM Changeset [976] by livings124
New badge images. Thanks to bietmeester and cluthi for helping with these.
12:57 PM Changeset [975] by livings124
updated help files
1:46 AM Changeset [974] by livings124
Make both status lines in the Network prefs match.

Oct 3, 2006:

1:53 AM Ticket #156 (Transmission locks up when NAT-PNP/UPnP is enabled) created by zblack_eagle
Transmission becomes locked up when NAT-PNP/UPnP is enabled. I believe …

Oct 2, 2006:

7:13 PM Ticket #154 (gracefully handle case when data location is unavailable) created by ironica
if the locate to which data is to be written is unavailable, either …
5:57 AM Ticket #153 ([PATCH] .desktop file for Linux installs) created by ernstp
You need a .desktop-file for the Linux desktop! I can hack up one soon.
5:21 AM Changeset [973] by livings124
New button images from macHD. Resume without waiting is now orange.
4:20 AM Changeset [972] by livings124
draw images using composite to ensure actual width

Oct 1, 2006:

4:34 PM Changeset [971] by livings124
start torrents by enumerating (trying to figure out a bug)
4:12 PM Changeset [970] by livings124
changed around pieces view drawing code...still can't track down the …
3:14 PM Changeset [969] by livings124
Release box images on dealloc.
8:48 AM Ticket #152 (fails to download to external hdd) created by leena
from http://transmission.m0k.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4711 this bug …
4:38 AM Ticket #4 (starting torrents to seed) closed by John Clay
worksforme: About a thousand revisions since reported, probably fixed. Can be …
4:36 AM Ticket #35 (transmission on 10.2 breaks (due to permissions?)) closed by John Clay
wontfix: 10.2 is no longer supported... Transmission requires 10.3 now.
4:34 AM Ticket #107 (port changes from open to closed) closed by John Clay
worksforme: About 100 revisions, and no recent reports of this. Can be reopened if …
4:31 AM Ticket #72 (Option for separate incompleted folder) closed by John Clay
4:30 AM Ticket #14 (Queuing) closed by John Clay
fixed: Seems queing has been added, so this can be closed.
4:29 AM Ticket #137 (crash when downloading on powerpc) closed by John Clay
worksforme: Since there have been more than 100 revisions, good chance this has …

Sep 30, 2006:

6:31 PM Ticket #151 (send trackerid in announce) created by ironica
from the spec: trackerid: Optional. If a previous announce contained …
3:29 PM Ticket #150 (Better extraction of svn revision for version.sh script) created by cluthi
Hello, I have written a patch for getting the svn revision number. …
1:09 PM Ticket #11 (Crash on torrents using GBK encoding) closed by ironica
1:07 PM Ticket #142 (Transmission is leaking TCP connections) closed by ironica
1:02 PM Ticket #149 (support new official fast peers extension) created by ironica
* Reserved Bit: The third least significant bit in the 7th reserved …

Sep 29, 2006:

3:21 PM Changeset [968] by livings124
My typo.
3:05 PM Changeset [967] by livings124
Clear up the explanation of queueing a little.
3:00 PM Changeset [966] by livings124
no harm in having the help index match the new changes
2:58 PM Changeset [965] by livings124
small fix and a disclaimer
2:54 PM Changeset [964] by livings124
Make colors of bar/box match the new color scheme.
2:51 PM Changeset [963] by livings124
Updated help from Nick Pucius.
2:46 PM Changeset [962] by livings124
Added option in warning window to begin download even if not enough …
5:30 AM Changeset [961] by livings124
Torrents that have errors aren't counted in the queue, and when a …

Sep 28, 2006:

11:32 PM Changeset [960] by livings124
Determine stats before originally starting torrent from history.
11:12 PM Changeset [959] by livings124
NAT forwarding is off by default, and port, not portS
9:54 PM Changeset [958] by livings124
Make code match the rest of the mac style.
9:40 PM Ticket #148 (Automatic port status patch for Mac OS X GUI) closed by livings124
fixed: Added in [956].
9:37 PM Changeset [957] by livings124
work around for small bug in apple code
9:14 PM Changeset [956] by livings124
Status on ports in prefs window. Thanks to cluthi on the forums for this.
8:00 PM Ticket #148 (Automatic port status patch for Mac OS X GUI) created by cedric.luthi@…
Hello, I have done a patch that will automatically check the port …
6:20 PM Changeset [955] by livings124
get rid of reference to old image file
6:11 PM Changeset [954] by livings124
Don't set the background of pieces view if it's gonna be hidden.
6:07 PM Changeset [953] by livings124
an extra log for extra debugging
5:38 PM Changeset [952] by livings124
hopefully a bit better...now just figure out a way to get the progress …
5:17 PM Changeset [951] by livings124
more logging and an extra check
5:02 PM Changeset [950] by livings124
Log the volume name to help in debugging.
4:54 PM Changeset [949] by livings124
a little more detailed log to save time converting bytes
4:50 PM Changeset [948] by livings124
don't subtract unsigned numbers
4:04 PM Changeset [947] by titer
List libT.a before the -l* flags on the command line (otherwise this …
4:06 AM Changeset [946] by livings124
Re-add logs and try using different conversion.
3:33 AM Changeset [945] by joshe
I guess I don't know how xml namespaces work.
2:33 AM Changeset [944] by joshe
How about we actually put an <?xml?> tag in the xml we send?
2:27 AM Changeset [943] by joshe
More miscellaneous UPnP fixes.
1:40 AM Changeset [942] by joshe
Minor UPnP compatibility fixes.
12:48 AM Changeset [941] by livings124
Remove some logging and add the volume name to space warning.
12:32 AM Changeset [940] by livings124
First attempts at warning about not enough disk space (and stopping …
12:17 AM Changeset [939] by joshe
Don't verify part of the UPnP root descript that apparently isn't standard.

Sep 27, 2006:

11:23 PM Changeset [938] by joshe
Add more UPnP debugging messages.
10:23 PM Changeset [937] by joshe
Fix extra space in tracker HTTP request line.
8:34 PM Changeset [936] by livings124
Generate the pieces images in code rather than using files.
7:16 PM Changeset [935] by livings124
Hide pieces view if a single torrent is not selected.
3:32 PM Changeset [934] by livings124
rearrange peers inspector tab a bit
2:43 PM Changeset [933] by livings124
make autostart variable the same as in .6
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