Mar 16, 2014:

10:50 PM Changeset [14254] by jordan
fix crash when creating the Open Torrent dialog in Qt 5.2 on Ubuntu 14.04
10:43 PM Ticket #5630 (LibEvent 2.0.x have problem async dns leak memory, not fixed) closed by jordan
incomplete: Thank you for reporting this bug and helping to make Transmission …
8:43 PM Ticket #5635 (Blocklists in .gz format) closed by x190
8:11 PM Ticket #5635 (Blocklists in .gz format) created by VladV
Hello! In official site I saw that Transmission supports .gzip …
7:47 PM Ticket #5634 (Duplicate files checking) closed by rb07
invalid: If you are going to ask questions, then use the forum: …
6:49 PM Ticket #5634 (Duplicate files checking) created by VladV
Hi ! I've downloaded the same file two times. Via torrent and via …

Mar 15, 2014:

8:46 PM Ticket #5633 (2nd file queued for verification downloads before verifying) created by eris23
Transmission 2.82 (14160) Ubuntu amd64 Action: I open a group of …
1:46 PM Changeset [14253] by livings124
update French localization
12:13 PM Ticket #5632 (Add the download/upload speed in the title) created by cool_krem
Now …
12:27 AM Ticket #5631 (IPv6 DHT dies after sleep/network reconnect on OSX) created by simon.vetter
The IPv6 DHT stops working and fails to resume operation when: - OSX …

Mar 13, 2014:

9:05 PM Ticket #5630 (LibEvent 2.0.x have problem async dns leak memory, not fixed) created by DevZone
libev = http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/libev.html
12:59 AM Ticket #5629 ([rfe] add-torent window can't save sorting preferences) closed by livings124
worksforme: They are sorted by the order in the torrent file, and on mac can be …
12:57 AM Ticket #5591 (build.transmissionbt.com's trunk-mac builds are broken: "Xcode is too ...) closed by livings124
fixed: Fixed now with updated Xcode.

Mar 12, 2014:

6:35 PM Ticket #5514 (Enhanced network status) reopened by rb07
I just noticed yesterday that when the icon shows an error with the …
3:26 PM Ticket #5629 ([rfe] add-torent window can't save sorting preferences) created by i.gnatenko.brain
Steps to reproduce: add torrent to transmission Actual results: we …

Mar 11, 2014:

11:55 AM Ticket #5628 (Removed) closed by John Clay
11:55 AM Ticket #5628 (Removed) created by killernon
5:04 AM Ticket #5164 (French translation for the Qt Client) reopened by gostron
As rberber gave me the .ts file, I modified a lot a different strings. …

Mar 9, 2014:

12:46 PM Ticket #5627 (updating tracker list in bulk) created by seaseasea
I understand this feature exists with utorrent but does not for …

Mar 6, 2014:

11:44 PM Ticket #5626 (Expose tracker and size as environment variables for scripts called on ...) created by ashafer
I'd like to be able to move torrents to another location with …
12:59 PM Ticket #5625 (Proxy Support) created by quaff
I am hoping we can start a new conversation about adding proxy support …

Mar 3, 2014:

4:36 AM Ticket #5624 (Use of the dedicated graphic card on MacOS X) closed by livings124
12:40 AM Ticket #5624 (Use of the dedicated graphic card on MacOS X) created by poupou
Hi, When I run Transmission on my MacBook? Pro i7 (Nvidia GT 330M), the …

Mar 2, 2014:

9:47 PM Ticket #5622 (RPC torrent-set-location move asynchronously) closed by livings124
9:47 PM Ticket #5623 (Torrent properties window size should be saved as a preference) created by armandas
Oftentimes I find myself enlarging the torrent properties window, so …
6:24 PM Ticket #5622 (RPC torrent-set-location move asynchronously) created by demosdemon
Moving multiple large multi-gigabyte torrents across devices takes a …

Mar 1, 2014:

11:55 PM Ticket #5617 (Update for Mavericks - Rename Sheets (and Tagging)) closed by livings124
11:54 PM Ticket #5621 (Ratio vs Ratio Limit in transmission-remote) created by anaximander
I noticed something that seems odd to me, and so I have searched …

Feb 28, 2014:

1:57 PM Changeset [14252] by livings124
update Danish localization
4:01 AM Ticket #5620 (Inspector - Clickable urls in Comment field) created by e-moe
Often in comment field torrent's contain urls. Using this patch you …

Feb 23, 2014:

11:54 AM Ticket #5619 (Invalid magnet link gives no error dialog.) created by dale2507
When an invalid magnet url is given in the upload torrent files dialog …
5:11 AM Ticket #5618 (Implement BEP 40) created by collegeitdept
It may be a good idea to implement BEP 40 "Canonical Peer Priority" to …

Feb 22, 2014:

1:58 PM Ticket #5617 (Update for Mavericks - Rename Sheets (and Tagging)) created by collegeitdept
Please update Transmission to better support Mavericks (and it's new …

Feb 21, 2014:

12:49 PM Ticket #5616 (Diacritics in Files/Folders and Verification of existing data) created by kellertuer
When creating a .torrent on a Mac, diacritics are saved as NFD, which …
12:48 PM Ticket #5615 (rpc method "torrent-add" has something wrong) created by xkxpiao
when use "torrent-add" method,I find that the arg--"files-wanted" do …

Feb 20, 2014:

12:26 PM Ticket #5614 (Duplicate torrents are not showned on add) created by Yopyop64
Hello, When i add a torrent using remote, duplicated torrents are not …
12:26 PM Ticket #5613 (incomplete-dir + watch-dir setting in web client) created by mistergoodwin
Essential when using auto post-processing scripts from other …

Feb 18, 2014:

2:00 PM Ticket #5612 (transmission incorrectly determines CXX when ccache is used (patch ...) created by patrickdepinguin
When using ccache and calling the configure script with …
2:54 AM Ticket #5588 (udp trackers don't work, transmission just doesn't send request and ...) reopened by cyberbat
After thinking for a while transmission says "cannot connect to …

Feb 15, 2014:

3:45 PM Ticket #5611 (Feature ->new) closed by livings124
worksforme: You can do this in the Mac client when sorting manually.
2:37 PM Ticket #5610 (Fail to redirect tracker URL) closed by svalx
invalid: This is not a bug. I had issue with resolve "retracker.local" - …

Feb 14, 2014:

1:41 PM Ticket #5611 (Feature ->new) created by ronin12
Could you add an option to: move up and down files that are listed in …
1:41 PM Ticket #5610 (Fail to redirect tracker URL) created by svalx
My ISP provide retracker on http://retracker.coltel.ru:2710/ and …
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