Jul 5, 2015:

7:16 PM Ticket #5965 (Mass adding of trackers) created by kaminix
This is not a very common feature, but I believe it could be added in …
7:57 AM Ticket #5912 (corrupt blocks overwrite previously verified OK blocks) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Committed as r14550, thanks.
7:54 AM Changeset [14550] by mikedld
#5912: Prevent completed pieces modification by webseeds (patch by …

Jul 1, 2015:

12:58 AM Changeset [14549] by mikedld
Fix tr_net_strerror on Windows (oops)
12:54 AM Changeset [14548] by mikedld
Use sockerrno and tr_net_strerror for most of network-related …

Jun 28, 2015:

2:18 PM Changeset [14547] by mikedld
Some look-and-feel improvements for Mac and GTK+ styles (Qt client)

Jun 26, 2015:

9:22 PM Changeset [14546] by mikedld
Avoid assert on passing negative values to isprint (due to type …

Jun 24, 2015:

9:24 PM Changeset [14545] by mikedld
#5964: Another follow-up commit for #5456 (encrypted communication …
8:40 PM Ticket #5964 (transmission r14542 downloaded data corrupted?) closed by mike.dld
fixed: No version check is needed. Sorry for not testing the change properly …
8:38 PM Changeset [14544] by mikedld
#5964: Follow-up fix for #5456 (encrypted communication with libevent …
6:08 PM Ticket #5964 (transmission r14542 downloaded data corrupted?) created by type7
transmission r14542 reported for no reason that corrupted downloaded …

Jun 23, 2015:

9:16 PM Changeset [14543] by mikedld
Avoid possible _XOPEN_SOURCE redefinition warning

Jun 19, 2015:

8:25 PM Ticket #5682 (Significantly increased memory usage over time on Windows) closed by mike.dld
invalid: See Microsoft KB article 976618 …

Jun 17, 2015:

8:34 PM Ticket #5456 (Problem with encryption) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14542.
8:32 PM Changeset [14542] by mikedld
#5456: Fix encrypted communication with libevent 2.1.x Recent …
3:45 AM Ticket #5963 (int should be bool "const int chokeAll") created by cfpp2p
peer-mgr.c line 3062 […] int should be bool

Jun 15, 2015:

9:07 PM Changeset [14541] by mikedld
Torrent properties dialog improvements Simplify DND checkboxes …

Jun 12, 2015:

10:41 PM Changeset [14540] by mikedld
Instead of standard C headers include their C++ counterparts
10:12 PM Changeset [14539] by mikedld
Unify/prettify Qt client headers style
5:56 PM Ticket #5962 (Rename single files in Web UI) reopened by mike.dld
That is actually possible, just look at any native client (GTK+, Qt, …
5:55 PM Ticket #5962 (Rename single files in Web UI) closed by killemov
invalid: Replying to gipawu: > In web ui I can rename a torrent, …

Jun 10, 2015:

10:51 PM Changeset [14538] by mikedld
Sync Qt client translations, add Polish language
9:27 PM Changeset [14537] by mikedld
Use PascalCase? for Qt client filenames Split FileTree?.{h,cc} and …

Jun 8, 2015:

7:54 PM Changeset [14536] by mikedld
Bump DHT version used in CMake scripts (includes latest Win32 fixes)
2:05 PM Ticket #5962 (Rename single files in Web UI) created by gipawu
In web ui I can rename a torrent, but I can't rename the single files …

Jun 6, 2015:

8:00 PM Ticket #5961 (Watch-dir: ".added" added to file name, but not added to queue, and ...) created by sander
Short When you add a non-torrent file <>.torrent to the …
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