Aug 17, 2015:

8:15 AM Ticket #5982 (FilterBar patch) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14560 (in a bit different way), thanks.
8:14 AM Changeset [14560] by mikedld
#5982: Simplify filter bar connections by using needed slot directly
7:38 AM Ticket #5982 (FilterBar patch) created by Aaxxll
--- qt/FilterBar.h 2015-07-30 23:04:29.415282615 +0700 +++ …
4:30 AM Ticket #5981 (Magnet Torrents Disappear) closed by x190
invalid: Check your filter and please use the forum for support issues.

Aug 16, 2015:

10:07 PM Changeset [14559] by mikedld
Simplify and speed up actions connected to file tree popup menu
8:42 PM Ticket #5981 (Magnet Torrents Disappear) created by eternalsword
Is there some sort of undocumented time-out for magnet torrents. If I …

Aug 11, 2015:

4:46 PM Ticket #5980 (Selecting the file when opening folder of a single file torrent) created by migge
The attached patch makes the GTK+ client select the file of a single …

Aug 10, 2015:

8:43 PM Changeset [14558] by mikedld
Sync translations with Transifex Add German and Indonesian …
7:40 PM Changeset [14557] by mikedld
#5608: Enter file renaming mode with keyboard only, not on mouse …

Aug 9, 2015:

10:46 PM Ticket #4537 (Improve "No Data Found" error message and recovery behavior) reopened by lav
I am sure this it is necessary to allow re-verify torents with status …
3:33 PM Ticket #5972 (Properties dialog very slow when torrent has a very large number of files) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Reopen if necessary.
3:33 PM Ticket #5971 (Provide a way to expand one level in file list) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Reopen if necessary.
3:33 PM Ticket #5970 (transmission-qt file list sort by size is not in numeric order) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Reopen if necessary.
3:28 PM Ticket #5979 (tr_globalIPv6 returns an RFC 4941 temporary address if one exists) created by delan
Without implementing PCP, …

Aug 6, 2015:

8:28 PM Changeset [14556] by mikedld
Refactor action groups initialization/handling and trackers merging a bit
4:03 AM Ticket #5978 (Suggested change to wiki regarding scripts) created by Sesquipedalian
The Scripts page on the Transmission wiki currently has this to …

Aug 3, 2015:

1:10 AM Ticket #5957 (Huge Memory Leak - Possibly Sort by activity) closed by livings124

Aug 1, 2015:

4:19 PM Ticket #5977 (Qt Client r14554 Build Error) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Sorry, I'm mostly using CMake for building and forgetting to update …
4:05 PM Changeset [14555] by mikedld
Use CMake-provided C/C++ standard selection capabilities; fix build …
3:19 PM Ticket #5977 (Qt Client r14554 Build Error) created by type7
something is missing in Qt Client r14554 trying to build getting error …
9:27 AM Ticket #5976 (Webseeds can be improperly disabled in webseed.c's web_response_func ()) created by x190
Hitting pause, then resume, a few times in succession artificially …

Jul 30, 2015:

6:55 AM Changeset [14554] by mikedld
Remove some unused includes/macros; fix build (re. QPointer)
6:18 AM Changeset [14553] by mikedld
Create dialogs on demand, don't keep them ready all the time

Jul 29, 2015:

6:50 PM Ticket #5975 (port forward to bind-address) created by ChrisK908
I think that the code uses the lanaddr when setting up a port forward. …
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