Sep 10, 2015:

11:12 PM Ticket #5992 (net.c dead code) created by cfpp2p
line 663 net.c […] "The current (13th) baktun will be completed …

Sep 7, 2015:

7:12 PM Ticket #5991 (NAT-PMP only upens TCP) created by jch
I'm running Transmission with uPNP/NAT-PMP enabled on a network that …
3:21 PM Ticket #5990 (upnp / nat-pmp does not use bind_address) created by falk0069
If you set the bind-address-ipv4 in the settings.json, the UPnP …

Sep 5, 2015:

11:10 AM Ticket #5989 (Renaming different files using the same name (accidentally) would mess ...) created by novelkeny
Which is understandable. However, I think it would be better to check …
11:10 AM Ticket #5988 (File renaming in desktop client doesn't work for torrents added by web ...) created by novelkeny
I usually run my Transmission client on Mac at home but sometimes I …

Sep 1, 2015:

11:19 PM Changeset [14563] by mikedld
Sync main context menu with "Torrent" menu; hide menu icons on Mac
8:39 PM Changeset [14562] by mikedld
Fix session dialog not showing up after first close
8:19 PM Changeset [14561] by mikedld
Remove context help button from dialogs on Windows We don't currently …

Aug 28, 2015:

7:16 PM Ticket #5987 (Set as default dir box checked but next time it will revert to old folder) created by tman
Hi, I have this buggy scenario: WebUI, add torrents, initial path was …
4:53 PM Ticket #5986 (New category needed for incomplete paused torrents) created by tman
Hi, I have this scenario: 2000 torrents, some finished, some paused …
4:15 PM Ticket #5985 (Download 20 torrents prevented by no seeders on 3 torrents) created by tman
Hi, I have this: Transmission settings: Enabled download queue, max …
1:11 AM Ticket #5984 ([Security] Update libutp) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #5888.
1:10 AM Ticket #5984 ([Security] Update libutp) created by funkstar

Aug 27, 2015:

8:22 PM Ticket #5516 (SVN version of Transmission aborted when verifying torrent.) reopened by mike.dld
Reopening to address this issue separately. See also …
8:20 PM Ticket #4508 (Assertion failed: (!b->bits || ( b->true_count == countArray ( b ) ))) closed by mike.dld
worksforme: Sorry, after some consideration I think it's better to address new …
6:29 PM Ticket #4508 (Assertion failed: (!b->bits || ( b->true_count == countArray ( b ) ))) reopened by mike.dld
Closed #5516 as duplicate of this ticket. See also …
6:28 PM Ticket #5516 (SVN version of Transmission aborted when verifying torrent.) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #4508.
4:43 AM Ticket #5983 (Set location default for checkbox - If checked, move from previous location) created by tman
Hello, I have found that using function Set location for a downloaded …

Aug 17, 2015:

8:15 AM Ticket #5982 (FilterBar patch) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14560 (in a bit different way), thanks.
8:14 AM Changeset [14560] by mikedld
#5982: Simplify filter bar connections by using needed slot directly
7:38 AM Ticket #5982 (FilterBar patch) created by Aaxxll
--- qt/FilterBar.h 2015-07-30 23:04:29.415282615 +0700 +++ …
4:30 AM Ticket #5981 (Magnet Torrents Disappear) closed by x190
invalid: Check your filter and please use the forum for support issues.

Aug 16, 2015:

10:07 PM Changeset [14559] by mikedld
Simplify and speed up actions connected to file tree popup menu
8:42 PM Ticket #5981 (Magnet Torrents Disappear) created by eternalsword
Is there some sort of undocumented time-out for magnet torrents. If I …

Aug 11, 2015:

4:46 PM Ticket #5980 (Selecting the file when opening folder of a single file torrent) created by migge
The attached patch makes the GTK+ client select the file of a single …
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