Feb 2, 2016:

12:31 PM Ticket #6065 (libutp-c) created by sylware
Hi, I coded an ISO C90-ish port of c++ libutp. It's a drop-in …
9:48 AM Ticket #6064 (Segmentation fault when opening a torrent file) created by d33tah
Torrent file, base64-encoded: …
9:33 AM Ticket #3572 (Adding i2p mode) closed by mike.dld
invalid: I don't think devs' position changed since the last time. Read the …
9:18 AM Ticket #3572 (Adding i2p mode) reopened by darren780
Wishing this was supported. And note …

Feb 1, 2016:

6:36 AM Ticket #6063 (Monthly Download Caps/Limits) created by schmitmd
Feature Request here for limiting the monthly download quota. …

Jan 30, 2016:

11:47 PM Ticket #6052 (transmission-gtk segmentation fault) closed by mike.dld
invalid: My understanding is that the problem isn't in Transmission, but in …
11:27 PM Ticket #2084 (Creation of Downloads folder even when I dont use it) reopened by fturco
I have the same problem as the person who reported this bug. …
11:25 PM Ticket #6062 (Sparkle Updater framework vulnerability) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #6061.
11:24 PM Ticket #6062 (Sparkle Updater framework vulnerability) created by Lanark
As reported here (https://vulnsec.com/2016/osx-apps-vulnerabilities/) …
11:24 PM Ticket #6061 (Please update Sparkle Update URL) created by superlupo
In Info.plist on OS X, there is an update URL to …

Jan 27, 2016:

2:57 PM Ticket #6060 (Do not build 'man/man1/transmission-cli.1' if ransmission-cli is not build) closed by mike.dld
invalid: Thanks for getting back ;) Closing.

Jan 26, 2016:

1:32 PM Ticket #6060 (Do not build 'man/man1/transmission-cli.1' if ransmission-cli is not build) created by tals
Do not build 'man/man1/transmission-cli.1' if ransmission-cli is not …

Jan 25, 2016:

10:09 PM Changeset [14675] by mikedld
Add hidden "watch-dir-force-generic" setting handling to daemon
9:48 PM Changeset [14674] by mikedld
Make it possible to force generic watchdir implementation in runtime

Jan 24, 2016:

8:32 AM Ticket #6059 (Date Added field in display) closed by mike.dld
wontfix: What is currently displayed is key information, either static (torrent …
8:18 AM Ticket #6059 (Date Added field in display) created by mahadea
I have been using another torrent client and am new to transmission. I …

Jan 22, 2016:

5:30 AM Ticket #6058 (AttributeError: 'ModeratorNofityEmail' object has no attribute 'prev_cc') created by mehow
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a POST operation on …

Jan 21, 2016:

10:26 AM Ticket #6057 (Add torrent by info hash.) created by alama
Same as #4176 but for Mac Client instead of Web Client. This change …

Jan 20, 2016:

4:59 PM Ticket #6056 (Pause & resume all to not affect individually paused torrents) created by mag01
Simplified example: 1. have 2 torrents active in Transmission 2. …

Jan 18, 2016:

3:48 AM Ticket #6055 (Add the search in the list is added to the torrent) created by iveilooooo
It is difficult to find the file manually in a list of several hundred.

Jan 16, 2016:

4:38 AM Ticket #6054 (Bandwidth Limit For DHT?) created by puddles77
Over time the DHT service consumes more and more of my server's …

Jan 15, 2016:

7:00 AM Ticket #6053 (moving torrent to new location silently fails) created by fairshare
When I use "set location" in web interface I see in logs: …

Jan 14, 2016:

4:40 AM Ticket #6052 (transmission-gtk segmentation fault) created by jmssil
I got this error with version 2.82 in Linux Mint. With the help of …

Jan 13, 2016:

6:26 PM Changeset [14673] by mikedld
Fix Turkish translation for high/normal/low priority in Add Magnet window

Jan 12, 2016:

10:01 PM Ticket #4078 (Better calculation of the bitfield length while still a magnet link) reopened by cfpp2p
With current trunk peer-msgs.c 14666 messageLengthIsCorrect() we …
9:02 PM Changeset [14672] by mikedld
Use autolayout for Add Magnet window (OS X)

Jan 9, 2016:

6:24 PM Changeset [14671] by mikedld
Disable format warnings when building with MinGW
6:07 PM Ticket #6051 (`transmission-gtk --version` shouldn't require display) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14670, thanks for reporting.
6:06 PM Changeset [14670] by mikedld
#6051: transmission-gtk --version shouldn't require display
5:20 PM Ticket #6051 (`transmission-gtk --version` shouldn't require display) created by engmark
From trying to test an installation of transmission-gtk in a Vagrant …

Jan 8, 2016:

11:12 AM Changeset [14669] by mikedld
Add bitfield test for has all/none
10:47 AM Changeset [14668] by mikedld
Apply most of recommended project changes (OS X)
10:05 AM Changeset [14667] by mikedld
Get rid of some more deprecation warnings (OS X)

Jan 7, 2016:

7:20 PM Changeset [14666] by mikedld
Use TR_BAD_SIZE instead of -1 in tr_quark_new() calls Extend …
5:22 PM Ticket #6050 (Get rid of calls to deprecated convertScreenToBase: API) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Committed as r14665.
5:21 PM Changeset [14665] by mikedld
#6050: Get rid of calls to deprecated convertScreenToBase: API (patch …
5:15 PM Ticket #6048 (crash in torrent-magnet.c tr_torrentSetMetadataPiece()) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Committed my patch with some more changes in r14664. Since crashes …
5:12 PM Changeset [14664] by mikedld
#6048: Improve error checking on metadata retrieval
3:48 PM Ticket #5737 (Webui not available on daemon started with systemd) closed by mike.dld
fixed: With r14663+, RPC server will retry the bind 10 times with increasing …
3:28 PM Changeset [14663] by mikedld
#5737: Retry if RPC server fails to bind to specified address

Jan 6, 2016:

8:51 PM Ticket #6050 (Get rid of calls to deprecated convertScreenToBase: API) created by mattrajca
Simple patch attached.
11:09 AM Ticket #6042 (Mac: Removed dead code paths) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Committed as r14662 with a few additions. Thanks!
11:05 AM Changeset [14662] by mikedld
#6042: Remove dead code now that we build for OS X 10.7+ (patch by …

Jan 5, 2016:

10:58 PM Ticket #6047 (filter combobox has wrong count) closed by mike.dld
invalid: Looks like a GTK+ issue. Using Glade 3.18.3 and GTK+ 3.18.6, tried …
6:07 AM Ticket #6049 (session.h (trivial) remove trailing enum comma) created by cfpp2p
similar to r14612 session.h has trailing enum comma line 35 […]
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