Apr 8, 2016:

9:18 PM Ticket #6100 (torrent with very large number of files stall web client) created by cfpp2p
Sample torrent has 89,874 files. …

Apr 7, 2016:

5:08 AM Ticket #6099 (Add libkcapi crypto backend.) created by fijam
Libkcapi (http://www.chronox.de/libkcapi.html) presents an API to the …

Apr 6, 2016:

1:39 AM Ticket #6098 (Download directory gets drive letter prepended in Windows client) created by ender
I'm running Transmission daemon on my Linux server, and I control it …

Apr 3, 2016:

10:56 PM Ticket #3779 (stop seeding after total time) reopened by DaneeL
I know I'm a total newbie here, but I'd reopen this. It was marked …
5:53 AM Changeset [14729] by mikedld
Try getting SVN revision from Jenkins environment when using CMake …

Apr 2, 2016:

8:01 PM Changeset [14728] by mikedld
Only include .msi-related CMake stuff when it makes sense
6:01 PM Changeset [14727] by mikedld
Add files necessary for .msi packages creation on Windows

Mar 31, 2016:

12:22 PM WikiStart edited by John Clay

Mar 29, 2016:

7:02 PM Changeset [14726] by jordan
crypto.h and crypto-utils.h can't use #pragma once, it breaks our name …
5:18 PM Changeset [14725] by jordan
maybe fix double-include of crypto.h / crypto-utils.h in crypto-test
4:37 PM Changeset [14724] by jordan
use '#pragma once' instead of #ifndef..#define..#endif guards
4:01 PM Changeset [14723] by jordan
fix bad TR_DEPRECATED macro on clang :P
3:47 PM Changeset [14722] by jordan
give a useful definition of TR_DEPRECATED on msvc as well
3:04 AM Changeset [14721] by jordan
fix a handful of minor compiler warnings, mostly in the unit tests, eg …

Mar 22, 2016:

1:40 AM Ticket #6094 (Provide SHA256 Hashes on alternative site) closed by John Clay
fixed: Closing this for now, but please re-open if anyone has suggestions for …

Mar 17, 2016:

12:36 AM Ticket #6097 (OS X El Capitan style icon for Mac client) created by Kibo
Apple heavily restyled their icons last year, and Transmission's …

Mar 15, 2016:

9:25 PM Changeset [14720] by mikedld
Only grow filter input up to 250px width, then stick to the right
2:56 PM MovedToGitHub/PreviousReleases edited by John Clay
2:54 PM MovedToGitHub/PreviousReleases edited by John Clay
6:04 AM Changeset [14719] by mikedld
Fix dropping .torrent files into main window on Windows Previously …

Mar 14, 2016:

7:30 PM Ticket #6096 (Enable torcache in the web client) created by cfpp2p
http://torcache.net Patch optionally allows use of torcache …
9:11 AM Ticket #1980 (add support for title metainfo) closed by mike.dld
invalid: Titles could be duplicated as well, I don't see how it would help. On …
9:07 AM Ticket #1980 (add support for title metainfo) reopened by koisama
I would like to reopen this ticket. It's possible to have folder …

Mar 13, 2016:

10:11 PM Changeset [14718] by mikedld
Explicitly compare result of str(n)cmp/memcmp to signify that it's not …
10:41 AM Changeset [14717] by mikedld
Handle potential dirname/basename errors where needed

Mar 12, 2016:

3:37 PM Ticket #4325 (GTK+ client's docs are out-of-date) closed by John Clay
fixed: The documentation has been updated recently. If there are improvements …
10:45 AM Ticket #6095 (Completion notification is not shown if addition notification is not ...) created by mike.dld
As …
12:02 AM Ticket #6087 (2.90 (14691) Crashes After Download) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Closing this as it looks like #6083 helped. Reopen if needed.

Mar 11, 2016:

4:43 PM Ticket #6094 (Provide SHA256 Hashes on alternative site) created by cfpp2p
Providing SHA256 hashes for the release downloads on an alternative …

Mar 10, 2016:

7:06 PM Ticket #6089 (PR: Beautified JavaScript) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Committed as r14716, thanks.
7:05 PM Changeset [14716] by mikedld
#6089: Beautified JavaScript? (patch by skybon)
12:31 AM Changeset [14715] by mikedld
Bump to 2.92+
12:20 AM Ticket #6093 (Allow magnet links with multiple info hashes) created by singpolyma
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnet_URI_scheme says magnet links can …
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