May 12, 2016:

6:12 AM Ticket #6123 (Wrong directory shown on permission denied error when using an ...) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #5780.
6:11 AM Ticket #6123 (Wrong directory shown on permission denied error when using an ...) created by rezt0ne
Ubuntu 16.04, up to date apt installation 1) use a separate folder …
6:09 AM Ticket #6122 (Drag/Drop links not working in web client (using undefined `contains` ...) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Thanks for the report. I think it would be better to fix existing …
6:01 AM Ticket #6122 (Drag/Drop links not working in web client (using undefined `contains` ...) created by nickchristensen
== Problem Simply dragging a link over the document fires hundreds of …

May 8, 2016:

7:53 PM Ticket #6121 (Webseeds should be integrated with maxConnectedPeers) created by x190
A properly functioning webseed generates 4 connections and at least …

May 5, 2016:

3:06 PM Ticket #6120 (Open URL takes an excessive time to respond when using under Wayland) created by tapia
When trying to open a URL with transmission under wayland the dialog …

May 4, 2016:

7:52 PM Ticket #6119 (Trac login/logout should return to the page accessing 'login' or ...) created by x190
Currently login always re-directs to https://trac.transmissionbt.com/, …
3:17 PM Ticket #6118 (How to Bind Multiple IPv4 using bind-address-ipv4 settings?) created by san2roy
Hello, How can I bind multiple IP address with IPv4 socket using …

May 3, 2016:

4:51 AM Ticket #6117 ("No space left on device") created by anatolik
I use up-to-date Arch with transmission 2.92. I am trying to get some …

Apr 27, 2016:

11:47 PM Ticket #6116 (Identify FreeBSD in libtransmission/platform-quota.c) created by morph
Hello, in Debian we apply the attached patch to identify a FreeBSD …
5:58 AM Ticket #6115 (Util transmission-create ignores hidden directories and files with ...) created by mmonz
if creating a .torrent file from a directory containing hidden …

Apr 26, 2016:

9:44 AM Ticket #5969 (Transmission crashes with some corrupt torrents with a webseed ...) reopened by x190

Apr 25, 2016:

9:00 PM Ticket #6114 (Priority settings are not working) created by andymar
In a multiple files download, in torrent inspector, you can set the …

Apr 24, 2016:

7:56 AM Changeset [14736] by mikedld
Reduce torrents model memory requirements (Qt client) Keep torrents …
7:41 AM Changeset [14735] by mikedld
Bump minimum Qt version to 4.8 Earlier versions may continue to work, …

Apr 23, 2016:

4:22 PM Ticket #6071 (typo in peer-msgs.c) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14734, thanks :)
4:21 PM Changeset [14734] by mikedld
#6071: Fix typo in comment
4:16 PM Ticket #5921 (Transition to libsystemd-dev) closed by mike.dld
fixed: Fixed in r14733, thanks!
4:13 PM Changeset [14733] by mikedld
#5921: Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon (original patches …

Apr 22, 2016:

1:37 PM Ticket #6113 (transmission-cli man page for -new wrong) created by cfpp2p
creating .torrent files with transmission-cli was removed with r10783

Apr 19, 2016:

8:41 PM Changeset [14732] by mikedld
Refactor RPC requests code for proper queueing (patch by intelfx @ …
4:26 AM Ticket #6112 (Unnecessary items filling the Message Log in torrent.c) created by x190
Line 3321: […] Should be: […] Line 3330: […] Should …

Apr 18, 2016:

10:06 PM Ticket #6111 (Option to delete vs trash) created by xzcvczx
If you are running transmission on a headless server and use delete …
7:32 PM Ticket #6110 (Potential Denial of Service in web.c) created by x190
A malicious server could cause libcurl to download an infinite amount …
11:26 AM Ticket #6109 (POST http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc 409 (Conflict)) closed by mike.dld
invalid: This is by design.
11:22 AM Ticket #6109 (POST http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc 409 (Conflict)) created by simonbcn
Google Chrome 50 The web console shows this error: […] …
10:09 AM Ticket #6108 (Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated) created by simonbcn
The Chrome console shows this: […]

Apr 17, 2016:

11:38 AM Ticket #6107 (transmission does not support 1074x768 size under GNOME 3) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #5846.
11:35 AM Ticket #6107 (transmission does not support 1074x768 size under GNOME 3) created by bfred
Height is ok but width can fit a "standard" width size of 1024 pixel …
11:34 AM Ticket #6106 (Some files are not accepted by transmission) created by donalep
I have downloaded some books torrent files but for first time when i …

Apr 15, 2016:

5:20 PM Ticket #6105 (Add SSL support) closed by mike.dld
duplicate: Duplicate of #4670. Currently accepted workaround is to use real HTTP …
5:18 PM Ticket #6105 (Add SSL support) created by simonbcn
Arch Linux 64 bits It would be important to add the feature to allow …

Apr 12, 2016:

7:03 PM Changeset [14731] by mikedld
Web UI: main() refactoring (patch by skybon @ GH-9) Less jQuery, more …
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