Jun 30, 2016:

10:53 AM Ticket #6147 ([patch] Custom piece priorities (private trackers only?)) created by EyeTolledEweSew
Hi devs! I wrote a patch against 2.92 stable to allow individual piece …

Jun 29, 2016:

7:36 AM Ticket #6146 (Fix log and utp options in man page's synopsis for transmission-daemon) created by mfg22
Synopsis for a transmission-daemon man page contains the following …

Jun 25, 2016:

3:08 AM Ticket #6145 (Allow viewing/selecting files in archive formats while downloading) created by werrel3
When downloading a torrent that contains a single huge file in an …

Jun 16, 2016:

12:17 PM Ticket #6144 (File priority buttons have no effect) created by paddor
I'm using 2.92 (14714) on Mac OSX 10.11.3 (15D21). Given I'm in the …

Jun 12, 2016:

7:16 AM Ticket #6143 (Feature Request - Official Transmission Docker App) created by rcampbell
I would like to make a request an Official Transmission Docker App if …
4:50 AM Ticket #6142 (Error compiling transmission QT UI) closed by x190

Jun 8, 2016:

2:08 AM Ticket #6142 (Error compiling transmission QT UI) created by morph
Hello, I'm working to update the Debian package for transmission to …

Jun 6, 2016:

6:19 AM Ticket #6141 (Assertion 'item == myRootItem' failed) created by cantabile
[…] I have this one torrent that causes the above error. Just …

Jun 3, 2016:

9:01 PM Ticket #6140 (configure check for miniupnpc fails during cross-compilation) created by peteru
When cross-compiling transmission for an embedded system (in this case …

Jun 1, 2016:

8:51 PM Ticket #6139 (Polish translation of OS X client) created by Artur
Here is a Polish translation I have put together for the OS X client, …
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