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After a bit of fiddling, I was able to get Qt Client to build on OS X. This works on my system. It may or may not work on other systems. But in case anyone else wants to build Qt Client on Mac OS X, follow these steps:

Checkout Transmission source from svn Build in Release mode via included Xcode project file. This is just so we can get all the libs for linking into the Qt Client Download the attached file into the qt directory of checked out transmission sources Open a terminal and cd into the qt directory Run "qmake". This will generate new Xcode project file in that same directory Open that Xcode project file, select Release mode in Xcode and build the project If everything went well, you should now have a in qt directory

Ideally, none of this qmake business would be needed and Qt Client would be added as another target in main Xcode project file (one that is used to build, transmission-daemon, etc.) but I have no idea how to do that. Is that something that is feasible based on the qmake generated Xcode project file?

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