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Frequently Asked Questions




Charles: We need to try & follow wiki naming standards. Our long titles with spaces are difficult to read when pasted into forums and IRC.

theCrank: Shall we use questions or facts as topic titles? "Slow Downloads" or "Why are my downloads slow?"

theCrank: What about naming conventions for pages? "Inactive Memory" instead of "Transmission is eating up all my memory" is a good start!

Waldorf: I suggest we name the pages according their subject, if possible. However, since this is the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, I would use questions as the page link (like "Inactive Memory"). If too difficult to put a subject on a question, eg. "Transmission Won't Start on Tiger", I'd use that as the page title. In time, pages can still be moved/renamed if necessary. Consider that the wiki link is also the actual page name.