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Running Transmission on a headless machine

Some users would like to run Transmission on a headless pc/server (without monitor or keyboard/mouse). This page explains what you need to know to set up a headless server yourself.



  • A PC with at least 200 MHz and 64 MB RAM (less will work, but it may be slow)
  • A Linux distribution installed on that machine (preferably Debian or Ubuntu Server, see Gentoo notes below)



The General page should get you started on systems like Ubuntu, Debian and most BSD deratives.

Basically the steps are:

  1. Build/Install transmission-daemon
  2. Install/create a start/stop script for your platform
  3. Create a user for Transmission to run in (recommended: 'transmission')
  4. Edit the configuration file

Platform Specific Guides


For more functionality and start/stop scripts, have a look at the Scripts page.


Waldorf: I think this page may include a guide on how to do this using Launchd, the default/preferred way of running daemons on a mac. However, All Unix users might benefit from Launched too, since it removes the need for custom start and boot scripts.

theCrank: I believe it's best to use this page as a starting point: The general steps will be mentioned (download, compile, bootscript, blocklist) and more or less precise explanations for each system/distro will be split up to seperate pages.