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Running Transmission on a headless machine

Some users would like to run Transmission on a headless pc/server (without monitor or keyboard/mouse). This page explains what you need to know to set up a headless server yourself.



  • A PC with at least 200 MHz and 64 MB RAM (less will work, but it may be slow)
  • A Linux distribution installed on that machine (preferably Debian or Ubuntu Server, see Gentoo notes below)


Currently Howos for the following distributions exist:


Waldorf: I think this page may include a guide on how to do this using Launchd, the default/preferred way of running daemons on a mac. However, All Unix users might benefit from Launched too, since it removes the need for custom start and boot scripts.

theCrank: I believe it's best to use this page as a starting point: The general steps will be mentioned (download, compile, bootscript, blocklist) and more or less precise explanations for each system/distro will be split up to seperate pages.