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    11= Transmission Architecture =
    3 Transmission is fundamentally a Bit Torrent client. Beyond that Transmission comes in several different products based around a common core [wiki:libTransmission].
     3Transmission is fundamentally a Bit Torrent client and communicates with other Bit Torrent peers.
     4In addition to this Transmission supports network-based remote control, whereby an authorised user may control the Transmission core from another machine via the [wiki:rpc Transmission JSON RPC protocol].
     5To make remote control easier from an arbitrary machine, Transmission Core can also serve a javascript web application to any browser and which in turn makes JSON RPC calls back to the Transmission core.
    5 The different transmission products are:
    6  * Transmission-Desktop
    7    * Mac OS X version
    8    * Linux/GTK+ version
    9    * Qt version
    10  * Transmission-Server
    11  * Transmission-Web
    12  * Transmission-Commandline
     7The Core components and methods of control are shown below:
    14 As well as being a Bit Torrent client, Transmission also supports remote control - whereby an authorised user may control the Transmission client from another machine using either web browser or command line interfaces.
    15 The different control combinations are shown below:
    17 [[Image(TransmissionNetworkArchitecture.gif)]]
     11From the above diagram it can be seen that a Transmission Core may be controlled by the following:
     12 * ''Local'' directly linked GUI (OS X, GTK+)
     13 * ''Local'' or ''Remote'' Qt GUI
     14 * ''Local'' or ''Remote'' Command Line Utility
     15 * ''Local'' or ''Remote'' Transmission Web Application running in a web browser
     17The multiple methods of controlling Transmission and the various native GUIs available result in several different Transmission products as shown in the figure below:
     21The products are:
     22 * Transmission Desktop - OS X
     23 * Transmission Desktop - Linux/GTK+
     24 * Transmission Desktop - Un*x/Qt
     25 * Transmission Server (headless)
     26 * Transmission Command Line
     28The Transmission packages available on various distributions may include one or more of these components.
     29Note. Although the diagram shows "Transmission Desktop Qt" as being Qt GUI + Transmission Core, the Qt component may be packaged on its own as a purely remote tool.