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What blocklist does Transmission Use?

Transmission can use any bluetack-formatted blocklist.

When you press the `Update Blocklist' button in the Transmission, a new copy of the bluetack level1 blocklist is downloaded from a Transmission mirror that's updated twice daily.

Adding Other Blocklists

On OS X, Transmission stores blocklists in $HOME/Library/Application Support/Transmission/blocklists/.

On other platforms, Transmission uses $HOME/.config/transmission/blocklists/.

Both of these can be overridden by setting the TRANSMISSION_HOME environmental variable, in which case blocklists are stored in $TRANSMISSION_HOME/blocklists/.

In that directory, files ending in ".bin" are the bluetack files that Transmission has parsed into a binary format suitable for quick lookups. When transmission starts, it scans this directory for files not ending in ".bin" and tries to parse them. So to add another blocklist, all you have to do is put it in this directory and restart Transmission.

Using Blocklists in transmission-daemon

Since transmission-daemon doesn't have an "update blocklist" button, its users have two options. They can either copy blocklists from transmission's directory to transmission-daemon's directory, or download the level1 blocklist by hand. In both cases, you'll need to edit the daemon's settings.json file to enable the "blocklist-enabled" setting.