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    2727== On Unix ==
    2828=== Prerequisites ===
    2930==== Ubuntu ====
    3031On Ubuntu, you can install the required development tools with this command:
    3536''After you install those you can skip [#Buildingfromatarball to this section].''
     38==== Debian Squeeze ====
     40Sometimes you have a need to stay current with upstream releases, even though you would like to rely on the stability of your base distribution. Here is how this can be accomplished in "quick and dirty" fashion.
     411. Dependencies
     43First let us install every dependency Transmission needs and for which there is a usable version in the Debian repository.
     46$ apt-get install ca-certificates libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev pkg-config build-essential checkinstall
     492. libevent
     51Traditionally, libevent is also needed, but Transmission depends on version numbers only rarely found in Debian. So let us start by compiling libevent in a directory of your choice. Browse to and get the latest version.
     53$ cd /usr/local/src
     54$ wget
     55$ cd libevent-2.0.18-stable
     56$ tar xzf libevent-2.0.18-stable.tar.gz
     57$ CFLAGS="-Os -march=native" ./configure && make
     60Now, we would really like to be able to upgrade to a new version in the future, so there should be a mechanism other than the classic "make install" which keeps count of what went where (and ideally this is not a piece of paper). So we build a very simple Debian package from the compiled files and install it. Basically you just enter the following command and hit return until a nice text message tells you that all is done.
     63$ checkinstall
     663. Transmission
     68Now we need to prepare Transmission for compilation by configuring the source, the same as with libevent.
     71$ cd /usr/local/src
     72$ wget
     73$ tar xjf transmission-2.51.tar.bz2
     74$ cd transmission-2.51
     75$ CFLAGS="-Os -march=native" ./configure && make && checkinstall
     78''Thanks to josen at [] for the original Debian Squeeze howto section.''
    3780==== CentOS 5.4 ====
    63106''After you install those you can skip [#Buildingfromatarball to this section].''
    65109==== Normal ====