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Refer to Editing Configuration Parameters for details on setting these parameters. Note: this page does not include old legacy parameters.


Option Kind Default Value Description
dht-enabled Boolean true
encryption Number 1 0 = Off, 1 = Preferred, 2 = Forced
lazy-bitfield-enabled Boolean true
open-file-limit Number 32
peer-socket-tos Number 0
pex-enabled Boolean true
rename-partial-files Boolean true Sets wether default Transmission should postfix partially downloaded files with ".part"
preallocation Number 1 0 = Off, 1 = Fast, 2 = Full (slower but reduces disk fragmentation)
umask Number 18 Sets transmission's file mode creation mask. See the umask(2) manpage for more information. Users who want their saved torrents to be world-writable may want to set this value to 0. Bear in mind that the json markup language only accepts numbers in base 10, so the standard umask(2) octal notation "022" is written in settings.json as 18.


Option Kind Default Value Description
speed-limit-down Number (KB/s) 100
speed-limit-down-enabled Boolean false
speed-limit-up Number (KB/s) 100
speed-limit-up-enabled Boolean false
alt-speed-enabled Boolean false aka 'Turtle Mode'. Clicking the "Turtle" in the gui when the scheduler is enabled, will only temporarily remove the scheduled limit until the next cycle.
alt-speed-up Number (KB/s) 50
alt-speed-down Number (KB/s) 50


Option Kind Default Value Description
blocklist-enabled Boolean false


Option Kind Default Value Description
download-dir String default locations
watch-dir String
watch-dir-enabled Boolean false Note: When watch-dir-enabled is true, only the transmission-daemon, transmission-gtk, and transmission-qt applications will monitor watch-dir for new .torrent files and automatically load them.


Option Kind Default Value Description
peer-limit-global Number 240
peer-limit-per-torrent Number 60

Bit Torrent (Peer) Ports

Option Kind Default Value Description
peer-port Number 51413
peer-port-random-enabled Boolean false
peer-port-random-high Number 65535
peer-port-random-low Number 1024
port-forwarding-enabled Boolean


Option Kind Default Value Description
proxy String
proxy-enabled Boolean false
proxy-auth-enabled Boolean false
proxy-auth-username String
proxy-auth-password String
proxy-port Number 80
proxy-type Number 0 (0 = HTTP, 1 = SOCKS4, 2 = SOCKS5, default = 0)

JSON RPC Protocol

Option Kind Default Value Description
rpc-authentication-required Boolean (default = false) If set, then a username and password will be required to access the rpc services.
rpc-enabled Boolean true If set, then rpc services are enabled.
rpc-password String - The ssha1 encrypted password (starts with a '{') to access the rpc services. A new password can be entered in plain text and will replaced with the encrypted version when the configuration file is next saved.
rpc-port Number 9091 The port Transmission listens for rpc services on.
rpc-username String The username to access the rpc services.
rpc-whitelist String "" Comma-delimited list of IP addresses. Wildcards allowed using '*'. Example: "127.0.0.*,192.168.*.*".
rpc-whitelist-enabled Boolean true If set, then the whitelist is used to prevent other IP addresses from accessing Transmission.