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Refer to Editing Configuration Parameters for details on setting these parameters. Note: this page does not include legacy parameters.
For a general overview of the Bit Torrent protocol start at Wikipedia: Bit Torrent Protocol
It is strongly recommended that parameters not well understood be left at their default values.

Common Parameters

The following are common to all current versions of Transmission.


Option Kind Default Value Description
download-dir String default locations
watch-dir String Directory to watch for new .torrent files to autoload
watch-dir-enabled Boolean false Enables directory watching and autoload


Option Kind Default Value Description
speed-limit-down Number (KB/s) 100 Standard download speed limit (used if enabled)
speed-limit-down-enabled Boolean false Flag to enable the use of speed-limit-down
speed-limit-up Number (KB/s) 100 Standard upload speed limit (used if enabled). May need to be set for best performance
speed-limit-up-enabled Boolean false Flag to enable the use of speed-limit-up
alt-speed-enabled Boolean false Enable alternate Speed limits (aka 'Turtle Mode'). Manual "Turtle" mode changes in the gui when the scheduler is enabled, will be reset at the next scheduled speed change.
alt-speed-up Number (KB/s) 50 Alternate upload speed limit
alt-speed-down Number (KB/s) 50 Alternate download speed limit


Option Kind Default Value Description
ratio-limit Number 2.0 Ratio of uploads:downloads for a torrent before torrent is deemed complete.
Ratio should be at least 1.0 for normal use, 2.0 is considered 'good'
ratio-limit-enabled Boolean false By default torrents will seed forever (ie Ratio -> infinity)
alt-speed-time-enabled Boolean false Note: When enabled, this will toggle the alt-speed-enabled setting.
alt-speed-time-begin Number 540 ==9am Minutes from midnight
alt-speed-time-end Number 1020 ==5pm Minutes from midnight
alt-speed-time-day Number/bitfield 127 == all days
  • alt-speed-time-day Start with 0, then for each day you want the scheduler enabled, add:
    • Sunday: 1 (binary: 0000001)
    • Monday: 2 (binary: 0000010)
    • Tuesday: 4 (binary: 0000100)
    • Wednesday: 8 (binary: 0001000)
    • Thursday: 16 (binary: 0010000)
    • Friday: 32 (binary: 0100000)
    • Saturday: 64 (binary: 1000000)
  • Examples:
    • Weekdays: 62 (binary: 0111110)
    • Weekends: 65 (binary: 1000001)
All Days: 127 (binary: 1111111)

Peer Management

Option Kind Default Value Description
peer-limit-global Number 240 Maximum number of connected peers
peer-limit-per-torrent Number 60 Maximum number of connected peers for an individual torrent
blocklist-enabled Boolean false Blocks specified remote peers (via IP address). Refer [Blocklists]
dht-enabled Boolean true Enable Bit Torrent Distributed Hash Table (DHT) operation
(see Wikipedia:DHT)
encryption Number 1 Specify encryption mode for Peers: 0 = Off, 1 = Preferred, 2 = Forced
peer-socket-tos Number 0
pex-enabled Boolean true Enable Bit Torrent Peer EXchange
(see Wikipedia:PEX)

Bit Torrent Peer Ports

Option Kind Default Value Description
peer-port Number 51413 Port to listen on for incoming Peer connections
peer-port-random-enabled Boolean false If true then assign a random peer-port between the -low and -high values.
peer-port-random-low Number 1024 Lowest permitted value for a randomly assigned peer-port
peer-port-random-high Number 65535 Highest permitted value for a randomly assigned peer-port
port-forwarding-enabled Boolean true Enable uPnP and XXX protocols to try and negotiate opening of selected peer-port with firewalls that support such negotiation. Security conscious or advanced users may want to disable this feature.


Option Kind Default Value Description
proxy String URL of proxy server
proxy-enabled Boolean false If true operate through the proxy server with the specified settings
proxy-auth-enabled Boolean false Enable use of proxy authentication (ie username/password)
proxy-auth-username String Username for proxy access
proxy-auth-password String Password for proxy access
proxy-port Number 80 Port on which to contact the proxy server
proxy-type Number 0 Type of proxy connection: (0 = HTTP, 1 = SOCKS4, 2 = SOCKS5)

Remote Control

Option Kind Default Value Description
rpc-enabled Boolean true Enables remote control services
rpc-authentication-required Boolean false If set, then a username and password are required to access the remote control services
rpc-password String - The ssha1 encrypted password (starts with a '{') needed for remote access.
A new password can be entered via command line utilities or directly in plain text and will replaced with the encrypted version when the configuration file is next saved.
rpc-port Number 9091 The port Transmission listens on for remote services
rpc-username String The username required to access remote services when rpc-authentication-required is enabled
rpc-whitelist String "" Comma-delimited list of IP addresses from which remote control is permitted.
Wildcards are allowed using '*'. Example: "127.0.0.*,192.168.*.*".
rpc-whitelist-enabled Boolean true If enabled use rpc-whitelist. Other IP addresses will be denied remote access


Option Kind Default Value Description
lazy-bitfield-enabled Boolean true
open-file-limit Number 32 Maximum number of open files XXXX
rename-partial-files Boolean true If enabled partially downloaded files are appended with ".part"
preallocation Number 1 0 = Off, 1 = Fast, 2 = Full (slower but reduces disk fragmentation)
umask Number 18 Sets transmission's file mode creation mask. See the umask(2) manpage. For world-writable torrents set umask to 0.
Note: JSON only accepts base 10 numbers, so convert standard octal umask to base 10, "022" is thus written as 18.


Only available in the the latest developer versions and subject to change/breakage.

Option Kind Default Value Description
SUFeedURL URI example value:

Flavor Specific Parameters

Linux/GTK+ Only