Peer-Id and User-Agent


From version 0.80 onward, Transmission's peer-id is formatted Azureus style with one digit for the major version, two digits for the minor version, and one character to denote a stable release (0), nightly build (Z), or prerelease beta (X). For example:

  • -TR1330- Official 1.33 release
  • -TR133Z- Nightly build between 1.33 and 1.34
  • -TR133X- Beta release of 1.34

Rationale: This differentiates between official and unofficial releases in a way easy for trackers to detect with simple string comparison. An official release ("-TR1330-") is lexigraphically smaller than its post-release unsupported versions ("-TR133Z-" and "-TR133X-"), which in turn are lexigraphically smaller than the next official release ("-TR1340-").


Its User-Agent header follows a similar format, plus the SVN revision in parenthesis:

  • Transmission/1.30X (6416) Beta release leading up to version 1.30
  • Transmission/1.32 (6455) Official 1.32 release
  • Transmission/1.32+ (6499) Nightly build between 1.32 and 1.33

Before 0.80, versions of Transmission used two digits for the major version and two for the minor. For example, -TR0072- was Transmission 0.72.

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