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Previous Releases

We strongly recommend that you use the current version of Transmission unless you have a legacy operating system version shown below.

If you have a legacy operating system version, this table shows the best Transmission version to use:

Operating Systems Additional Requirements Latest Transmission Version SHA256 Hash
Mac OS X 10.6 Intel (Snow Leopard) Transmission 2.84 53d08a55a5ca55010d409acb10f0285a649b8879085cad83f2cbcb7faa489ad5
Mac OS X 10.5 Intel (Leopard) Transmission 2.42 27f6856dc40137425f3df9b820226d9877043abc7da03b370bec57dd0e316141
Mac OS X 10.5 PPC (Leopard) Transmission 2.22 33fe8600055fab480ddd62cb9f721a142d22379fac698b9a57f3fdb240b22c3a
Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) Security Update 2008-002 Transmission 1.54 4bedfd776a300feb9713c14348bdea85a98d68da6ab3671d61e0f27214df6ba6
Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Transmission 0.6.1 1bc2cbdfb3df814e8e4b8e2f74b3063eca55a5b0fb08f6dc6e567dfb449398b8

A complete collection of earlier releases can be found here.