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Web Interface

The Web Interface is a web-based frontend to most Transmission clients (eg. the daemon, GTK, and Mac clients, but not the cli).

Once you have set it up, you can open a web browser and direct it to (replace with the IP where Transmission is running, 9091 is the default port).

To Enable

  • Make sure you have the files installed in the correct location
  • To turn on the Web Interface:

Note: the daemon always has the rpc / Web Interface turned on.

OS Specific

Mac OS X

See How to enable the web interface in OS X


The Linux daemon will look for the Web Interface files in:

  1. $TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME, if the environment variable is set
  2. $XDG_DATA_HOME/transmission/web, if XDG environment variables are set by the system
  3. $HOME/.local/share/transmission/web
  4. /usr/local/share/transmission/web
  5. /usr/share/transmission/web

Web Proxy

To set up a web proxy refer to Web Proxy?