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Transmission-Desktop Remote Management - OS X

Transmission-Desktop OS X includes the Web Interface in the application bundle, so it just needs to be configured

  • Step 1 - Enable Remote Access
  • Go to Transmission Preferences
  • Select the Remote Tab.
  • Check the Enable remote access box

  • Step 2 - Set any security required
    • Optionally set a username and password if you need security
    • Optionally limit IP addresses within a certain range (eg your subnet 192.168.*)
  • Step 3 - Launch web browser
    • Click "Launch Web Interface" to start viewing the Web interface (Note the URL, it can be used from any allowed machine).

By default Transmission listens on port 9091 for web service requests.

Customised Web Pages

This information is primarily for developers.

If you want to use a customised Web Interface specify the location of the new web files via an environment variable. eg:

$ export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=/path/to/web/files
$ open -a Transmission

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