Transmission Features

Transmission is not just one application but a suite of related products (flavours), combining to produce a very flexible set of Bit Torrent tools.

There are four core Transmission products all containing the Transmission Core - the Bit Torrent client. Whilst the desktop Client products are the most well known, Transmission-Daemon is a powerful Bit Torrent client that can be run on headless servers (ie those without graphics displays) - so you don't need to keep your PC on 24x7 for Bit Torrent. This makes Transmission popular in the embedded server and NAS market.

Common Features

  • Allows Remote Control (eg by other applications/tools)
  • Provides Web Application for Remote Control

Flavour Specific Features

Feature T-OS X Client T-Qt Client? T-GTK+ Client T-Daemon
Has Local GUI Y Y Y -
Local GUI can control remote Transmission Products - Y - N/A

A Transmission Core can be remotely controlled by:

  • Transmission Web Application
  • Transmission Command Line utilities
  • Transmission-Desktop Qt GUI
  • Third-party networked tools (via JSON RPC Protocol)

The Web Application is not a distinct product, it is a feature built into Transmission-Core along with a web server. When enabled, a web browser pointed at the relevant port will download and run the Transmission Web application which enables remote GUI-based control of the Transmission-Core from any authorised user/machine. See Transmission Web GUI.

In situations where a web-browser is not appropriate (eg unix shell) a set of Command Line utilities is also provided that enables full control of Transmission-Core. See Transmission-Commandline?

The command line utilities may also be used to create torrents.

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