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     1  _ the big complaint is the tray icon, should move to the dock
     3  _ the big square buttons are, besides passé, never used on the mac
     5  _ of course, the icons...
     7  _ no "Close" button en every window
     9  _ actually make the shortcut to close the window work :D
     11  _ leave normal buttons text-only (eg. the "update blocklist" button)
     13  _ file chooser: buttons (eg. download location) are way off.
     15  _ file chooser: uses square buttons. don't!
     17  _ file chooser: opens behind the pref window
     19  _ cmd-w doesn't work to close any of the windows
     21  _ maybe use the mac icon? as the app icon
     23  _ smaller, much smaller, filter buttons (and better *highlighting* of the active filter)
     25  _ remove those icons in the menus too, they just make the whole app look cheap (on a mac :p )
     27  _ the "Torrent" menu, could you rename it to "File"? it's the default on mac, nobody changes it
     29  _ "Add "dialog: remove "Close" , Stop > Cancel, "New Torrent" > "Create"?
     31  _ "Add" dialog: make Create the default button and move it to the right
     33  _ "Open" dialog: pops up under the new dialog
     35  _ Do I need to reminded 4 times that I didn't specify a source? 1 field is blank, 2 the text under the field, 3 the text under the progress bar, 4 the dimmed button
     37  _ why a separate to choose for file/folder? it gives the same dialog on the mac
     39  _ Close should't be the default button if all the fields are ok in the new dialog
     41  _ oh, also the shortcut to remove date should begin with cmd-*
     43  _ details should remember it previous location + size
     45  _ instead of just toolbar (in the view menu) use Show Toolbar/Hide Toolbar, etc
     47  _ hmm, on my previous comment on the "Torrent" menu, the mac gui has this too, but calls this the "Transfers" menu. but has the default "File" menu too, which holds the more general open/new/save/close commands
     5011:27 <Waldorf_> (oh, close in the "file" menu in *nix slang means move to tray)
     5111:30 <Waldorf_> mac apps always have a "Window" menu too, which handles/shows which windows are open. In this case, Main window (transfers), inspector/details/info, statistics. (some of  this menu is automatically filled in by the window manager)
     5211:35 <Waldorf_> not sure wether you get the difference between "File" and "Transfer", so I'll explain a bit more: "File" manages file related actions, nothing *really* bittorrent specific. every app has open, new and save (and move, in T's case). "Transfer" on the other hand has all the bittorrent specific commands as start/pause/remove/verify/reveal data in finder. "Window" menu also has controls to the *window manager buttons* bizzare that qt doesn't lay links to those automatically...
     53_ the "Edit" menu is missing the copy/paste/cut commands
     5411:42 <Waldorf_> (though the shortcuts do work)
     5511:43 <charles_> what would you copy/paste/cut? :)
     5611:43 <Waldorf_> tracker urls
     5711:44 <Waldorf_> anyway, they're default menu items
     5811:44 <Waldorf_> properties shortcut should be cmd-i
     5911:45 <Waldorf_> Open Folder is named show in finder
     6011:45 <charles_> "Show Folder" or "Show"?
     6111:45 <charles_> or "Show in Finder"?
     6211:45 <Waldorf_> Show In Finer
     6311:45 <Waldorf_> *Finder
     6411:45 <Waldorf_> :p
     6611:16 <Waldorf_> wtf!!!
     6711:17 <Waldorf_> why would the application quit when I close it? is that a bug?
     6811:17 <Waldorf_> *when I close the main window
     6911:17 <charles_> dunno
     7011:18 <Waldorf_> is that the default on win/linux or somethin'?
     7111:19 <Waldorf_> Oh, I get it... that is that tray "icon feature", right?
     7211:19 <charles_> I'm really not sure.  I'm having trouble with the mac/nonmac language barrier :)
     7311:19 <Waldorf_> QT guys too, it seems :p