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Transmission Scripts


Thanks to the powerful rpc, transmission-remote can talk to any client that has the rpc enabled. This means that a script written using transmission-remote or rpc can, without rewrite, comunicate with all the Transmission clients: GTK+ client, Mac client and the daemon.

Mac OS users may wonder wether there will be Applescript scripts, the answer is no. Although Applescript is a nice technology, it's a pain to implement. However, Mac OS X is a Unix after all, so any script you find here will also work on the Mac. Even from within Applescript, you can run these scripts by typing: do shell script "path/to/script".


If you are interested at writing scripts for Transmission, have a look at the following pages:

For those who need more information how to use the scripts, have a look at the following links:





Functionality of these scripts has been implemented in libtransmission and is thus available in all clients.


Tomas Carnecky (aka wereHamster) is maintaining a set of scripts in his github repository.

Scripts which have not yet been ported and may not work with the latest version: