Transmission Support

User Support

Transmission is developed and supported by volunteers. They are happy to assist you if you have a problem, but please read the User Guides? and FAQ first. Please bear in mind there are over 1.3 Million Transmission users, and approximately 3 Transmission developers, so you need to help us to help you. If you still have a question then:

Bugs and Enhancements

Whilst we're sure Transmission has no bugs ;-), you may come across the occasional troublesome feature, or you may think of a new feature you'd like to see. If you're having trouble with Transmission then please follow the steps in Bug Submission.

If there is a feature you'd like to see in Transmission then submit an enhancement request by broadly following the steps for Bug Submission. Instead of bug details provide a clear description of the problem and how you think it should be solved (ie the new feature).

Event Notification

Those who want to be informed of key Transmission events (eg new versions) may subscribe to twitter

Developer Support

Potential Developers and Contributors are most welcome, please visit the IRC channel and introduce yourselves. Please also read the Guide for New Contributors?.

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