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Localizing Transmission

On Mac OSX

  1. Ask before starting
    • We don't accept localizations besides before release of a major version
    • To contact us, join our IRC channel (#transmission on freenode)
  2. You have to commit for the indefinite future for all translations
  3. If it's not of high-quality (in terms of layout adjustments, etc.), I'll be rejected
  4. Hold off on the obscure languages... They take up too much space to be worth it

Before a release, you'll be notified by email. You usually have about a week to update your localization.

On Unix

Transmission uses Launchpad to manage Localizations. To help localize, or add your new localization, you'll need to:

  1. Register on Launchpad
  2. Join an Ubuntu Translators team, from the Ubuntu Translators Group page:
    1. When you select a team, you'll be directed to their translations page
    2. Select "Overview" from the top navigation bar to go to the groups main page
    3. To join a group, follow the instructions on this page
  3. Start Localizing Transmission!

For more information, consult your team's overview page.