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Localizing Transmission

On Unix

On Unix, Transmission uses Launchpad to manage Localizations. To help localize, or add your new localization, you'll need to:

  1. Register on Launchpad
  2. Join an Ubuntu Translators team, from the Ubuntu Translators Group page:
    1. When you select a team, you'll be directed to their translations page
    2. Select "Overview" from the top navigation bar to go to the groups main page
    3. To join a group, follow the instructions on this page
  3. Start Localizing Transmission!

For more information, consult your team's overview page.

On Mac OSX


  1. Ask before starting
    • We don't accept localizations besides before release of a major version
    • To contact us, join our IRC channel (#transmission on freenode)
  2. You have to commit for the indefinite future for all translations
  3. If it's not of high-quality (in terms of layout adjustments, etc.), I'll be rejected
  4. Hold off on the obscure languages... They take up too much space to be worth it

Before a release, you'll be notified by email. You usually have about a week to update your localization.


  • A translator must have Mac OS X 10.5 or newer installed, because this is the platform on which the development is done, and you'll need:
  • The Apple developer tools installed (available for download with a free account from Apple). Xcode 3.0 or newer is necessary for the Interface Builder program which is used to modify the .xib files, which define both layout and content
  • A text editor

How to Translate

The en.lproj folder contains the localizable files, the .xib and .strings files. .xib and .strings files found outside the en.lproj folder are not for translation (eg. AboutWindow.xib, GroupsWindow.xib, StatsWindow.xib). There are two ways to localize the Mac client:

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  • Use a text editor to translate the .strings files
  • Use Interface Builder to translate and adjust the layout (not correctly aligned localizations will be refused)


Unfortunately, this isn't supported by transmission. When I have some time, or when this becomes supported, I'll expand this section.
(If you do use iLocalize, as I do, you can ask for a free licence for translating a free/open-source application)