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Transmission-Daemon Notes for Arch Linux based Distributions

If you are using a Arch based distribution, the notes on this page override the default transmission-daemon values stated elsewhere on this site.

Default Locations

Item Location
Daemon init script /etc/rc.d/transmissiond
Options, Configuration, daemon enable /etc/conf.d//transmissiond
settings.json ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Environment Variables

The file /etc/conf.d/transmissiond should be edited to reflect the desired transmission-daemon user (your regular user is fine) and to uncomment the relevant lines. Note that by default the -g option is used in TRANS_ARGS to tell transmission-daemon to use its own settings.json. You may wish to point -g instead to your perhaps-already-installed transmission-gtk settings.json, i.e., ~/.config/transmission/settings.json

# TRANS_USER="foo"
# TRANS_ARGS="-g $TRANSMISSION_HOME/.config/transmission-daemon"

Refer to the Arch Linux rc.conf page for definitive system configuration file information, particularly the Daemons section.

Arch Linux packages

The following packages exist in the Arch Extra repository:

Package Description
transmission-cli Installs CLI tools, daemon and the web interface used by the other transmission packages
transmission-gtk Installs GTK+ gui?
transmission-qt Installs QT gui?